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cp_dirs(4)							   cp_dirs(4)


  cp_dirs - Database configuration file	used by	worldwide support software




  The cp_dirs configuration file determines the	locations for the following
  set of database or data files:

    +  The character attribute database	for user-defined characters (see
       cedit(1)	and cgen(1))

    +  Font database files and preload font database files for user-defined

       Font database files are used by the On-Demand Loading (ODL) mechanism.
       Preload font database files are used with terminals that	are designed
       specifically for	multibyte characters. Refer to odl(5) for more infor-

    +  BDF and PCF format font files for user-defined characters

       These files are used for	graphical user interface displays.

    +  Input key sequence databases used by DECwindows and CDE input method
       servers and by terminals	that are designed specifically for multibyte

    +  Collating value database	used for sorting (see asort(1))

    +  Phrase databases	used with both the software and	the hardware phrase
       input methods (see phrase(1) and	sim(5)).

  In the cp_dirs file, lines beginning with the	# character are	treated	as
  comments.  Each line that is not a comment constitutes an entry and adheres
  to the following format:

  service-name std-path	sys-path usr-path

  In this format:

      Can be one of the	following values:

      bdf Specifies the	BDF format font	files for GUI interfaces.

      cdb Specifies the	collating value	database.

      iks Specifies the	input key sequence databases.

      odl Specifies the	ODL font databases.

      pcf Specifies PCF	format font files for GUI interfaces.

      pre Specifies the	raw font files used to preload multibyte terminals.

      sim Specifies the	phrase input method database.

      udc Specifies the	character attribute database.

      Specifies	the location of	the database files for standard	character

      Specifies	the location of	the system-wide	database files for user-
      defined characters.

      Specifies	the location of	private	database files for user-defined	char-

  The std-path,	sys-path, and usr-path values must be one of the following:

    +  An absolute pathname (that begins with /)

    +  A pathname relative to the home directory (that begins with ~/)

    +  The hyphen (-) to indicate that the field does not apply	to the ser-
       vice that the entry describes


	     Database location configuration file


  Commands: asort(1), cedit(1),	cgen(1), phrase(1)

  Others: odl(5), sim(5)