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cdfs(4)								      cdfs(4)


  cdfs - The Compact Disk-Read Only Memory File	System (CDFS)


  The ISO 9660 standard	describes volume and file structures for information
  exchange on a	Compact	Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) volume.	CDFS supports
  mounting, as another local file system type, CD-ROMs that comply to the
  standard. Once mounted, files	and directories	recorded on the	CD-ROM become
  accessible in	a read-only manner through system calls	and commands. Support
  of the standard is limited to	Interchange Level 2 with the exception of
  multiple volume semantics, which are supported.  Refer to the	international
  standard ISO 9660-1988 for additional	information pertaining to the actual

  The CDFS behaves the same as any read-only file system, and additionally
  supports the following semantics:

    +  The CDFS	can be exported	by NFS

    +  Users can mount other file system types (UFS, NFS, AdvFS) onto direc-
       tories recorded on a CD-ROM volume

    +  CD-ROM volumes can be recorded in ISO 9660-1988,	Interchange level 2,
       or (for backward	compatibility) High Sierra Group (HSG) format

    +  The data	on a CD-ROM volume that	is recorded as part of a multiple
       volume set or consists of a single volume is made available when	the
       volume is mounted

    +  File systems on a CD-ROM	volume can be accessed locally and remotely

    +  The CDFS	can be organized on a CD-ROM volume in multiple	sessions.
       The contents of all sessions is available as one	file system; indivi-
       dual sessions are not separately	available.

  The CDFS also	supports CD-ROMs recorded using	the Rock Ridge Interchange
  Protocol, Revision 1.09, August 1991.	 Rock Ridge specifies the use of the
  extension fields that	are defined by ISO-9660:1988, and it uses those
  extensions to	provide	the following information:

    +  File owner, file	group, file permissions

    +  Additional file types (symbolic links, device special files, named

    +  setuid, setgid, and sticky bits

    +  Hard link counts

    +  POSIX file names	(mixed case names, unstructured	names, and longer
       names than ISO-9660:1988	allows)

    +  Deep directory hierarchies (greater than	8 levels)

    +  File time stamps

  Refer	to the Rock Ridge specification	for additional information about the

  The CDFS also	supports the XCDR extensions (X/Open Preliminary Specifica-
  tion (1991) CD-ROM Support Component).  These	XCDR extensions	add the	fol-
  lowing support:

    +  Users can examine selected ISO 9660 attributes through defined utili-
       ties and	shared libraries

    +  A system	administrator can substitute different file protections, own-
       ers, and	file names for files on	a CD-ROM volume.


  mount(8), cddevsuppl(8), cdsuf(1), cd_getdevmap(3), cd_setdevmap(3), and