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binlog.conf(4)						       binlog.conf(4)


  binlog.conf -	binlogd	configuration file


       event_code.priority		       destination


      Are the numeric codes specified in binlog.h and the binlogd(8) refer-
      ence page.  An asterisk (*) specifies that all events should be
      selected.	The code dumpfile Specifies the	recovery of the	kernel binary
      event log	buffer from a crash dump. A severity level cannot be speci-

      Filters selected events as severe, high, and low.	An asterisk (*)
      specifies	that all events	should be selected.

      A	local file pathname to a log file, or a	remote system hostname for
      remote logging of	events.


  The /etc/binlog.conf file is a system	file that enables you to configure or
  filter events	that are to be logged by the binary error logger, binlogd.

  The binlogd daemon ignores blank lines and lines that	begin with an
  octothorpe (#). You can specify # as the first character in a	line to
  include comments in the file or to disable an	entry.

  If you want the binlogd daemon to use	a configuration	file other than	the
  default, specify the file name with the following command:

       # binlogd -f config_file

  Note that EVM	subscribes to binlog events by default,	and any	configuration
  options you select will affect what events are available to EVM. You can
  filter and select binlog events using	EVM utilities, as described in the
  EVM(5) reference page.


  The following	is a sample /etc/binlog.conf file:

       # binlogd configuration file
       #format of a line:   event_code.priority	     destination
       # where:	event_code  - see codes	in binlog.h and	man page,
       # * = all events
       #  priority    -	severe,	high, low, * = all priorities
       #  destination -	local file pathname or remote system
       #  hostname

       *.*	       /usr/adm/binary.errlog
       dumpfile		       /usr/adm/crash/binlogdumpfile
       crdlog	       /usr/adm/binary.crdlog
       102.high	/usr/adm/disk.errlog


  /etc/binlog.auth - Authorization file	for remote logging.
  /usr/sys/include/dec/binlog/binlog.h - Common	components of a	binary event
  log record.


  Commands: /usr/sbin/binlogd(8), EVM(5)

  System Administration