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atmhosts(4)							  atmhosts(4)


  atmhosts - ATM host name file


  The atmhosts file is an ASCII	file that contains an single-line entry	for
  each host on the ATM network.	  Each entry consists of an ATM	host address,
  official host	name, and any aliases.

  Parameters are separated by spaces or	tab characters.	 A number sign (#)
  indicates the	beginning of a comment;	characters up to the end of the	line
  are not interpreted by routines that search the file.

  ATM host addresses are specified by an even number of	hexadecimal digits.
  Each pair of digits represents 8 bits	of address information.	 An ATM
  address can be one of	the following:

    +  An ATM End System Address (AESA)	as registered with the network (19
       bytes, or 38 hexadecimal	digits)

    +  A local Endpoint	System Identifier (ESI)	that is	registered with	the
       local switch (6 bytes, or 12 hexadecimal	digits)

    +  An AESA with selector byte, representing	the address of a service on a
       remote machine (20 bytes, or 40 hexadecimal digits).

       By default, the atmhosts	file contains an entry for Permanent Virtual
       Circuits	(PVCs).	The entry consists of an ATM address of	40 hexade-
       cimal zeros (0) and the host name PVC. Do not change or delete this


      ATM hosts	file


  Commands: atmconfig(8), atmarp(8)