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ATH_HAL(4)               BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual               ATH_HAL(4)

     ath_hal -- Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL)

     device ath_hal

     The ath_hal module provides hardware support for wireless network
     adapters based on the Atheros AR5210, AR5211, and AR5212 chips.  This
     module is required by the ath(4) driver.

     Devices supported by the ath_hal module come in either Cardbus or mini-
     PCI packages.

     The following cards are among those supported by the ath_hal module:

     Card                 Chip      Bus        Standard
     Aztech WL830PC       AR5212    CardBus    b/g
     D-Link DWL-A650      AR5210    CardBus    a
     D-Link DWL-AB650     AR5211    CardBus    a/b
     D-Link DWL-A520      AR5210    PCI        a
     D-Link DWL-AG520     AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
     D-Link DWL-AG650     AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     D-Link DWL-G520B     AR5212    PCI        b/g
     D-Link DWL-G650B     AR5212    CardBus    b/g
     Elecom LD-WL54AG     AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
     Elecom LD-WL54       AR5211    Cardbus    a
     Fujitsu E5454        AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
     Fujitsu FMV-JW481    AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
     Fujitsu E5454        AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
     HP NC4000            AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
     I/O Data WN-AB       AR5212    CardBus    a/b
     I/O Data WN-AG       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     I/O Data WN-A54      AR5212    CardBus    a
     Linksys WMP55AG      AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
     Linksys WPC51AB      AR5211    CardBus    a/b
     Linksys WPC55AG      AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     NEC PA-WL/54AG       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     Netgear WAG311       AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
     Netgear WAB501       AR5211    CardBus    a/b
     Netgear WAG511       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     Netgear WG311        AR5212    PCI        b/g
     Netgear WG511T       AR5212    CardBus    b/g
     Orinoco 8480         AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     Orinoco 8470WD       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     Proxim Skyline 4030  AR5210    CardBus    a
     Proxim Skyline 4032  AR5210    PCI        a
     Samsung SWL-5200N    AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
     SMC SMC2735W         AR5210    CardBus    a
     Sony PCWA-C700       AR5212    Cardbus    a/b
     Sony PCWA-C300S      AR5212    Cardbus    b/g
     Sony PCWA-C500       AR5210    Cardbus    a
     3Com 3CRPAG175       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g

     An up to date list can be found at


     The ath_hal module first appeared in FreeBSD 5.2.

     The ath_hal module is constructed from a binary component and operating
     system-dependent source code.  Redistribution and use in source and
     binary forms, without modification, are permitted provided that the con-
     ditions set forth in sys/contrib/dev/ath/COPYRIGHT are observed.

     See ath(4) for known bugs.

BSD                             August 26, 2004                            BSD