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AMI(4)                   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                   AMI(4)

     ami -- American Megatrends Inc. MegaRAID PATA/SATA/SCSI RAID controller

     ami* at pci?

     The ami driver provides support for the MegaRAID family of RAID con-
     trollers, including:

           -   ACER MegaRAID ROMB-2E
           -   Apple Xserve G5 PCI Hardware RAID Card
           -   Dell CERC-PATA, PERC 2/DC, PERC 2/SC, PERC 3/DC, PERC 3/DCL,
               PERC 3/QC, PERC 3/SC, PERC 4/DC, PERC 4/Di, PERC 4/SC, PERC
               4e/DC, PERC 4e/Di, PERC 4e/SC, PERC 4e/Si
           -   FSC MegaRAID PCI Express ROMB
           -   Hewlett-Packard 438, 466, T[567]
           -   Intel RAID Controller SRCS16, SRCS28X, SRCU41L, SRCU42E,
               SRCU42X, SROMBU42E, SRCZCRX
           -   LSI Logic/AMI/Symbios MegaRAID, 523 SATA, i4 133 RAID, ATA
               133-2 Elite 1400, Elite 1600, Elite 1650, Enterprise 1200,
               Enterprise 1300, Enterprise 1400, Enterprise 1500, Enterprise
               1600, Express 100, Express 200, Express 300, Express 500,
               Series 418, SCSI 320-0, SCSI 320-0X, SCSI 320-1, SCSI 320-1E,
               SCSI 320-1LP, SCSI 320-2, SCSI 320-2E, SCSI 320-2X, SCSI
               320-4X, SATA 150-4, SATA 150-6, SATA 300-4X, SATA 300-8ELP,
               SATA 300-8X, SATA 300-8XLP
           -   NEC MegaRAID PCI Express ROMB

     These controllers support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, JBOD, and superposi-
     tions of those configurations.

     Although the controllers are actual RAID controllers, the driver makes
     them look just like SCSI controllers.  All RAID configuration is done
     through the controllers' BIOSes.

     The management interface is provided through the bio(4) device or one of
     the daughter sd(4) devices as implemented in the bioctl(8) utility.  Log-
     ical disk status is exposed under the hw.sensors sysctl(8) and can be
     monitored using sensorsd(8).  For example:

           $ sysctl hw.sensors.ami0
           hw.sensors.ami0.drive0=online (sd0), OK
           hw.sensors.ami0.drive1=degraded (sd1), WARNING
           hw.sensors.ami0.drive2=failed (sd2), CRITICAL

     bio(4), intro(4), pci(4), scsi(4), sd(4), bioctl(8), sensorsd(8),

     The ami driver first appeared in OpenBSD 2.9.

     The ami driver was written by Michael Shalayeff <mickey@openbsd.org>.

     Management functions were implemented by Marco Peereboom

BSD                            November 4, 2013                            BSD