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ACPI(4)                  BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  ACPI(4)

     acpi -- Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

     acpi0 at bios?

     The acpi driver provides basic support for ACPI including loading ACPI
     tables from the firmware, parsing and interpreting AML code, event han-
     dling, suspending and powering off, and attaching device drivers.  User-
     land may access acpi by using the apm(4) device.

     The following devices can attach to acpi:

           acpiac(4)           ACPI AC adapter
           acpiasus(4)         ASUS ACPI hotkeys
           acpibat(4)          ACPI control method battery
           acpibtn(4)          ACPI button
           acpimcfg(4)         ACPI PCI Express configuration space
           acpicpu(4)          ACPI processor power and performance state
           acpidock(4)         ACPI docking station
           acpiec(4)           ACPI embedded controller
           acpihpet(4)         ACPI high precision event timer
           acpimadt(4)         ACPI APIC configuration
           acpiprt(4)          ACPI PCI routing table configuration
           acpipwrres(4)       ACPI power resources
           acpisony(4)         Sony ACPI control
           acpithinkpad(4)     IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad ACPI support
           acpitimer(4)        ACPI power management timer
           acpitoshiba(4)      Toshiba ACPI support
           acpitz(4)           ACPI thermal zone
           acpivideo(4)        ACPI video
           acpivout(4)         ACPI video output
           aibs(4)             ASUSTeK AI Booster ACPI ATK0110 temperature,
                               voltage, and fan sensor

     /dev/apm        Power management data device.  May only be opened read-
                     only.  May be opened by multiple concurrent users.

     /dev/apmctl     Power management control device.  May be opened read-
                     write or write-only.  May only be opened by one user at a
                     time.  An attempt to open the file when in use will fail,
                     returning EBUSY.

     apm(4), intro(4)

     The acpi driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.8.

     The acpi driver was written by Thorsten Lockert <tholo@sigmasoft.com> and
     Jordan Hargrave <jordan@openbsd.org>.

BSD                            February 2, 2014                            BSD