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Data(4)								      Data(4)

  Data - Contains data to be sent to remote systems




  Data (D.*) files contain the data to be sent to remote systems by the	uucp
  uucico daemon.  The full pathname of a data file is a	form of	the follow-


  where	the SystemName directory and the SystemName portion of the file	name
  indicate the name of the remote system.  The xxxx### notation	is the hexa-
  decimal sequence number of the Command (C.*) file associated with that data
  file;	for example, D.venus471afd8.

  After	a set period of	time (specified	by the uusched daemon),	the uucico
  daemon transfers the data file to the	designated system.  It places the
  original data	file in	a subdirectory of the uucp spooling directory named
  /usr/spool/uucp/SystemName, where the	SystemName directory is	named for the
  computer that	is transmitting	the file, and creates a	Temporary (TM.*) file
  to hold the original data file.

  After	receiving the entire file, the uucp program takes one of three

   1.  If the file was sent with the uucp command and there were no transfer
       problems, the program immediately renames the TM.* file with the
       appropriate data	filename, such as D.venus471afd8, and sends it to the
       specified destination.

   2.  If the file was sent with the uuto command, the uucp  program also
       renames the temporary data file with the	appropriate D.*	filename.  It
       then places the data file in the	public directory
       /usr/spool/uucppublic, where the	user receives the data file and	han-
       dles it with one	of the uupick command options.

   3.  If there	were transfer problems (such as	a failed login or an unavail-
       able device), the temporary data	file remains in	the spooling sub-
       directory.  The uudemon.cleanu command, a shell script, removes these
       files automatically at specified	intervals, or they can be removed


	    Describes accessible remote	systems

	    Contains uucp command, data, and execute files

	    Contain instructions for file transfers

	    Store data files temporarily after they have been transferred to
	    a remote system

	    Contain files that the uucp	program	has transferred


  Daemons: uucico(8), uusched(8), uuxqt

  Commands: uucp(1), uupick(1),	uuto(1), uux(1), uudemon(4)