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       Encode::Unicode::UTF7 -- UTF-7 encoding

           use Encode qw/encode decode/;
           $utf7 = encode("UTF-7", $utf8);
           $utf8 = decode("UTF-7", $ucs2);

       This module implements UTF-7 encoding documented in RFC
       2152.  UTF-7, as its name suggests, is a 7-bit re-encoded
       version of UTF-16BE.  It is designed to be MTA-safe and
       expected to be a standard way to exchange Unicoded mails
       via mails.  But with the advent of UTF-8 and 8-bit compli-
       ant MTAs, UTF-7 is hardly ever used.

       UTF-7 was not supported by Encode until version 1.95
       because of that.  But Unicode::String, a module by Gisle
       Aas which adds Unicode supports to non-utf8-savvy perl did
       support UTF-7, the UTF-7 support was added so Encode can
       supersede Unicode::String 100%.

In Practice
       When you want to encode Unicode for mails and web pages,
       however, do not use UTF-7 unless you are sure your recipi-
       ents and readers can handle it.  Very few MUAs and WWW
       Browsers support these days (only Mozilla seems to support
       one).  For general cases, use UTF-8 for message body and
       MIME-Header for header instead.

       Encode, Encode::Unicode, Unicode::String

       RFC 2781 <http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2152.txt>;

perl v5.8.5                 2002-11-06                          1