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WREN(3)                    Library Functions Manual                    WREN(3)

       wren, ata - hard disk interface

       bind #H[drive] /dev
       bind #w[target[.lun]] /dev


       The  hard disk interfaces (wren, #w, is a SCSI disk; ata, #H, is an IDE
       or ATA disk) serve a one-level directory giving access to the hard disk
       partitions.   The parameter to attach defines the numerical SCSI target
       and logical unit number or  the  IDE  drive  number  to  access.   Both
       default to zero.

       Each partition name is prefixed by hd and the numeric drive identifier.
       The partition always exists and covers the entire disk.   The  size  of
       each  partition  as  reported  by stat(2) is the number of bytes in the
       partition, so the size of is the size of the entire disk.

       The partition also always exists; it is the last block on the disk  for
       SCSI,  second  to  last  for IDE.  If it contains valid partition data,
       those partitions will be visible as well.  Every  time  the  device  is
       bound,  the partitions are updated to reflect any changes in the parti-
       tion file.

       The format of the partition file is the string

              plan9 partitions

       on a line, followed by partition specifications, one per line, consist-
       ing  of  a  name  and textual strings for the block start and limit for
       each partition on the disk.

       The program prep(8) writes the partition table for the disk; its use is
       preferred to writing it by hand.

       prep(8), scsi(3)