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USLEEP(3)                  Library Functions Manual                  USLEEP(3)

       usleep - suspend execution for interval in microseconds

       unsigned useconds;

       Suspend the current process for the number of microseconds specified by
       the argument.  The actual suspension time may be  an  arbitrary  amount
       longer  because of other activity in the system, or because of the time
       spent in processing the call.

       The routine is implemented by setting an  interval  timer  and  pausing
       until  it  occurs.   The  previous  state  of  this  timer is saved and
       restored.  If the sleep time exceeds the time to the expiration of  the
       previous  timer,  the  process  sleeps only until the signal would have
       occurred, and the signal is sent a short time later.

       This routine is implemented using setitimer()  (see  getitimer(2));  it
       requires  eight  system  calls  each time it is invoked.  A similar but
       less compatible function can be obtained with a  single  select(2);  it
       would  not  restart  after  signals, but would not interfere with other
       uses of setitimer.

       getitimer(2), sigpause(2V), alarm(3V), sleep(3V), ualarm(3)

                                6 October 1987                       USLEEP(3)