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T_SYNC(3N)                                                          T_SYNC(3N)

       t_sync - synchronize transport library

       #include <&lt;tiuser.h>&gt;

       int t_sync(fd)
       int fd;

       For  the  transport endpoint specified by fd, t_sync() synchronizes the
       data structures managed by the transport library with information  from
       the  underlying  transport provider.  In doing so, it can convert a raw
       file descriptor (obtained using open(2V), dup(2V), or as a result of  a
       fork(2V) and execve(2V)) to an initialized transport endpoint, assuming
       that file descriptor referenced a transport  provider.   t_sync()  also
       allows  two cooperating processes to synchronize their interaction with
       a transport provider.

       For example, if a process forks a new process and issues an  exec,  the
       new  process  must  issue  a t_sync() to build the private library data
       structure associated with a transport endpoint and to  synchronize  the
       data structure with the relevant provider information.

       It  is  important  to  remember  that the transport provider treats all
       users of a transport endpoint as a single user.  If multiple  processes
       are using the same endpoint, they should coordinate their activities so
       as not to violate the state of the provider.  t_sync() returns the cur-
       rent  state  of  the provider to the user, thereby enabling the user to
       verify the state before taking further action.   This  coordination  is
       only  valid  among cooperating processes; it is possible that a process
       or an incoming event could change the provider's state after a t_sync()
       is issued.

       If  the  provider  is  undergoing  a  state transition when t_sync() is
       called, the function will fail.

       t_sync() returns -1 on failure.  Upon success, the state of the  trans-
       port provider is returned; it may be one of the following:

              T_IDLE         idle

              T_OUTCON       outgoing connection pending

              T_INCON        incoming connection pending

              T_DATAXFER     data transfer

              T_OUTREL       outgoing  orderly release (waiting for an orderly
                             release indication)

              T_INREL        incoming orderly release (waiting for an  orderly
                             release request)

              T_UNBND        unbound

       TBADF               The  specified file descriptor is a valid open file
                           descriptor but does not refer to a  transport  end-

       TSTATECHNG          The   transport  provider  is  undergoing  a  state

       TSYSERR             The function failed due to a system error  and  set
                           errno to indicate the error.

       dup(2V), execve(2V), fork(2V), open(2V)

                                21 January 1990                     T_SYNC(3N)