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T_RCVUDERR(3N)                                                  T_RCVUDERR(3N)

       t_rcvuderr - receive a unit data error indication

       #include <&lt;tiuser.h>&gt;

       int t_rcvuderr(fd, uderr)
       int fd;
       struct t_uderr *uderr;

       t_rcvuderr() is used in connectionless mode to receive information con-
       cerning an error on a previously sent data unit,  and  should  only  be
       issued  following  a unit data error indication.  It informs the trans-
       port user that a data unit with a specific destination address and pro-
       tocol  options  produced  an  error.  fd identifies the local transport
       endpoint through which the error report will  be  received,  and  uderr
       points to a t_uderr() structure defined in <&lt;nettli/tiuser.h>&gt; as:
              struct t_uderr {
                   struct netbuf addr;           /* address     */
                   struct netbuf opt;            /* options     */
                   long  error;                  /* error code  */

       The  maxlen, len, and buf members of the netbuf structure are described
       in t_accept(3N).  The maxlen field of addr and opt must be  set  before
       issuing  this  function  to indicate the maximum size of the buffer for

       On return from this call, the addr structure specifies the  destination
       protocol  address of the erroneous data unit, the opt structure identi-
       fies protocol-specific options that were associated with the data unit,
       and error specifies a protocol-dependent error code.

       If  the  user  does not care to identify the data unit that produced an
       error, uderr may be set to NULL and t_rcvuderr() will simply clear  the
       error indication without reporting any information to the user.

       t_rcvuderr() returns:

       0      on success.

       -1     on failure and sets t_errno to indicate the error.

       TBADF               The  specified  file descriptor does not refer to a
                           transport endpoint.

       TBUFOVFLW           The number of bytes allocated for the incoming pro-
                           tocol address or options is not sufficient to store
                           the information.  The unit data  error  information
                           to be returned in uderr will be discarded.

       TNOTSUPPORT         This  function  is  not supported by the underlying
                           transport provider.

       TNOUDERR            No unit data error indication currently  exists  on
                           the specified transport endpoint.

       TSYSERR             The  function  failed due to a system error and set
                           errno to indicate the error.

       intro(3), t_rcvudata(3N), t_sndudata(3N)

                                21 January 1990                 T_RCVUDERR(3N)