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T_FREE(3N)                                                          T_FREE(3N)

       t_free - free a library structure

       #include <&lt;tiuser.h>&gt;

       int t_free(ptr, struct_type)
       char *ptr;
       int struct_type;

       t_free()  frees memory previously allocated by t_alloc(3N).  This func-
       tion will free memory for the specified structure, and will  also  free
       memory for buffers referenced by the structure.

       ptr points to one of the six structure types described for t_alloc(3N),
       and struct_type identifies the type of that structure which can be  one
       of the following:
              T_BIND          struct t_bind
              T_CALL          struct t_call
              T_OPTMGMT  struct t_optmgmt
              T_DIS           struct t_discon
              T_UNITDATA      struct t_unitdata
              T_UDERROR  struct t_uderr
              T_INFO          struct t_info

       where  each  of  these structures is used as an argument to one or more
       transport functions.

       t_free() checks the addr, opt, and udata fields of the given  structure
       (as  appropriate), and frees the buffers pointed to by the buf field of
       the netbuf (see intro(3)) structure.  The maxlen, len, and buf  members
       of the netbuf structure are described in t_accept(3N).  If buf is NULL,
       t_free() will not attempt to free memory.  After all buffers are freed,
       t_free()  will free the memory associated with the structure pointed to
       by ptr.

       Undefined results will occur if ptr or any of the buf  pointers  points
       to a block of memory that was not previously allocated by t_alloc(3N).

       t_free() returns:

       0      on success.

       -1     on failure and sets t_errno to indicate the error.

       TSYSERR        The  function failed due to a system error and set errno
                      to indicate the error.

       intro(3), t_alloc(3N)

                                21 January 1990                     T_FREE(3N)