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SINGLE_PRECISION(3M)                                      SINGLE_PRECISION(3M)

       single_precision - single-precision access to libm functions

       #include <&lt;math.h>&gt;

       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_acos_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_acospi_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_acosh_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_aint_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_anint_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_annuity_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_asin_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_asinpi_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_asinh_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_atan_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_atanpi_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_atanh_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_atan2_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_atan2pi_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_cbrt_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_ceil_ (x)
       enum fp_class_type ir_fp_class_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_compound_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_copysign_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_cos_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_cospi_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_cosh_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_erf_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_erfc_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_exp_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_expm1_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_exp2_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_exp10_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_fabs_ (x)
       int ir_finite_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_floor_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_fmod_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_hypot_ (x,y)
       int ir_ilogb_ (x)
       int ir_irint_ (x)
       int ir_isinf_ (x)
       int ir_isnan_ (x)
       int ir_isnormal_ (x)
       int ir_issubnormal_ (x)
       int ir_iszero_ (x)
       int ir_nint_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_infinity_ ()
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_j0_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_j1_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_jn_ (n,x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_lgamma_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_logb_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_log_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_log1p_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_log2_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_log10_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_max_normal_ ()
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_max_subnormal_ ()
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_min_normal_ ()
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_min_subnormal_ ()
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_nextafter_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_pow_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_quiet_nan_ (n)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_remainder_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_rint_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_scalb_ (x,y)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_scalbn_ (x,n)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_signaling_nan_ (n)
       int ir_signbit_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_significant_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_sin_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_sinpi_ (x)
       void r_sincos_ (x,s,c)
       void r_sincospi_ (x,s,c)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_sinh_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_sqrt_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_tan_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_tanpi_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_tanh_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_y0_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_y1_ (x)
       FLOATFUNCTIONTYPE r_yn_ (n,x)

       float *x, *y, *s, *c
       int *n

       These  functions  are  single-precision  versions of certain libm func-
       tions.  Primarily for use by Fortran programmers, these  functions  may
       also  be  used in other languages.  The single-precision floating-point
       results are deviously declared to avoid C's automatic  type  conversion
       to double.


                                 24 March 1988            SINGLE_PRECISION(3M)