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SCANDIR(3)                 Library Functions Manual                 SCANDIR(3)

       scandir, alphasort - scan a directory

       #include <&lt;sys/types.h>&gt;
       #include <&lt;sys/dir.h>&gt;

       scandir(dirname, &&amp;namelist, select, compar)
       char *dirname;
       struct direct **namelist;
       int (*select)();
       int (*compar)();

       alphasort(d1, d2)
       struct direct **d1, **d2;

       scandir()  reads  the directory dirname and builds an array of pointers
       to directory entries using  malloc(3V).   The  second  parameter  is  a
       pointer  to  an  array of structure pointers.  The third parameter is a
       pointer to a routine which is called with  a  pointer  to  a  directory
       entry  and should return a non zero value if the directory entry should
       be included in the array.  If this pointer is NULL, then all the direc-
       tory  entries  will  be  included.  The last argument is a pointer to a
       routine which is passed to qsort(3) to sort  the  completed  array.  If
       this  pointer  is NULL, the array is not sorted.  alphasort() is a rou-
       tine which will sort the array alphabetically.

       scandir() returns the number of entries in the array and a  pointer  to
       the array through the parameter namelist.

       directory(3V), malloc(3V), qsort(3)

       Returns  -1  if  the  directory cannot be opened for reading or if mal-
       loc(3V) cannot allocate enough memory to hold all the data structures.

                                6 October 1987                      SCANDIR(3)