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POD_GETMAXPRI(3L)                                            POD_GETMAXPRI(3L)

       pod_getmaxpri,  pod_getmaxsize,  pod_setmaxpri - control LWP scheduling

       int pod_getmaxpri()

       int pod_getmaxsize()

       int pod_setmaxpri(maxprio)
       int maxprio;

       The LWP library is self-initializing: the first time  you use a  primi-
       tive  that requires threads to be supported, main is automatically con-
       verted into a thread.  A pod will  terminate  when  all  client-created
       lightweight threads (including the thread bound to main) are dead.

       By default, only a single priority (MINPRIO) is available.  However, by
       using pod_setmaxpri(), you can make an  arbitrary  number  (up  to  the
       limit imposed by the implementation) of priorities available.  The main
       thread will receive the highest available scheduling  priority  at  the
       time  of initialization.  By using pod_setmaxpri() before any other LWP
       primitives, you can ensure that main will receive the same priority  as
       the argument to pod_setmaxpri().  pod_setmaxpri() can be called repeat-
       edly,  as  long  as  the  number  of  scheduling  priorities  (maxprio)
       increases with each call.

       pod_getmaxpri()  returns  the  current  number of available priorities.
       Priorities are numbered from 1 (MINPRIO) to MAXPRIO.

       The implementation-dependent maximum number of priorities available can
       be  retrieved  using  pod_getmaxsize().   This value will never be less
       than 255.

       pod_getmaxpri() returns the number of priority levels set by  the  most
       recent call to pod_setmaxpri().

       pod_getmaxsize()  returns  the maximum number of priorities your system

       pod_setmaxpri() returns:

       0      on success.

       -1     on failure.

       pod_setmaxpri() will fail if one or more of the following are true:

       LE_INVALIDARG       Attempt to allocate more priorities than supported.

       LE_NOROOM           No internal memory left to create pod.

                                6 October 1987               POD_GETMAXPRI(3L)