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PNP(3R)                                                                PNP(3R)

       pnp - automatic network installation


       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       pnp() is used during unattended network installation, and routine boot-
       ing, of Sun386i systems on a Sun386i network.  Each network cable (sub-
       network or full network) must have at least one pnpd(8C) server running
       on it to support PNP.

       #include <&lt;rpcsvc/pnprpc.h>&gt;

       The following RPC calls are available in version 2 of the PNP protocol:

              Finds   a   PNP   daemon   on  the  local  network.   Used  with
              clntudp_broadcast(), often to measure network overhead.

              Used early in the boot process to acquire network  configuration
              information about a system, or to determine that a system is not
              known by the network.

              Used to acquire a server willing to configure a new system after
              a  PNP_WHOAMI  request  fails.  This RPC is typically broadcast;
              any successful reply may be used.

              Requests a network configuration from  a  PNP  daemon  that  has
              responded to a previous PNP_ACQUIRE RPC.

              After  a  PNP_SETUP  request,  if the status is in_progress, the
              procedure is to wait 20 seconds, and issue a  PNP_POLL  request,
              and  then  check  the status again.  Once the status is success,
              the system will be configured for the network.  Entries  in  the
              yp  database  may be added or old ones deleted, and file storage
              may be assigned, according to the architecture and boot type.

       If the server misses 5 PNP_POLL  requests,  it  will  assume  that  the
       client system crashed and back out of the procedure.  Similarly, if the
       client  system  does  not  receive  responses  from  the   server   for
       PNP_MISSEDPOLLS  consecutive  requests,  it  should  assume  the server
       crashed and begin its PNP sequence again.

       pnpboot(8C), pnpd(8C)

                                2 February 1988                        PNP(3R)