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NLIST(3V)                                                            NLIST(3V)

       nlist - get entries from symbol table

       #include <&lt;nlist.h>&gt;

       int nlist(filename, nl)
       char *filename;
       struct nlist *nl;

       nlist()  examines the symbol table from the executable image whose name
       is pointed to by filename, and selectively extracts a  list  of  values
       and puts them in the array of nlist() structures pointed to by nl.  The
       name list pointed to by nl consists of an array of structures  contain-
       ing  names,  types and values.  The n_name field of each such structure
       is taken to be a pointer to a character string  representing  a  symbol
       name.   The  list  is  terminated by an entry with a NULL pointer (or a
       pointer to a null string) in the n_name field.  For each entry  in  nl,
       if  the named symbol is present in the executable image's symbol table,
       its value and type are placed in the n_value and n_type fields.   If  a
       symbol  cannot  be located, the corresponding n_type field of nl is set
       to zero.

       On success, nlist() returns the number of symbols that were not located
       in  the  symbol  table.   On failure, it returns -1 and sets all of the
       n_type fields in members of the array pointed to by nl to zero.

       nlist() returns 0 on success.

       a.out(5), coff(5)

       On Sun-2, Sun-3, and Sun-4 systems, type entries are set to  0  if  the
       file cannot be read or if it does not contain a valid name list.

       On  Sun386i  systems,  the  type entries may be zero even when the name
       list succeeded, but the value entries will be zero only when  the  file
       cannot  be  read  or does not contain a valid name list.  Therefore, on
       Sun386i systems, the value entry can be used to determine  whether  the
       command succeeded.

                                21 January 1990                      NLIST(3V)