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MP(3X)                                                                  MP(3X)

       itom, madd, msub, mult, mdiv, min, mout, pow, gcd, rpow - multiple pre-
       cision integer arithmetic

       typedef struct { int len; short *val; } mint;

       madd(a, b, c)
       msub(a, b, c)
       mult(a, b, c)
       mdiv(a, b, q, r)
       pow(a, b, m, c)
       gcd(a, b, c)
       rpow(a, b, c)
       msqrt(a, b, r)
       mint *a, *b, *c, *m, *q, *r;

       sdiv(a, n, q, r)
       mint *a, *q;
       short *r;

       mint *itom(n)

       These routines perform arithmetic on integers of arbitrary length.  The
       integers  are  stored  using the defined type mint.  Pointers to a mint
       should be initialized using the function itom, which sets  the  initial
       value to n.  After that space is managed automatically by the routines.

       madd,  msub, mult, assign to their third arguments the sum, difference,
       and product, respectively, of their first two arguments.  mdiv  assigns
       the quotient and remainder, respectively, to its third and fourth argu-
       ments.  sdiv is like mdiv except that the divisor is an ordinary  inte-
       ger.   msqrt  produces the square root and remainder of its first argu-
       ment.  rpow calculates a raised to the power b,  while  pow  calculates
       this reduced modulo m.  min andmout do decimal input and output.

       The functions are obtained with the loader option -lmp.

       Illegal  operations and running out of memory produce messages and core