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IEEE_TEST(3M)                                                    IEEE_TEST(3M)

       ieee_test, logb, scalb, significant - IEEE test functions for verifying
       standard compliance

       #include <&lt;math.h>&gt;

       double logb(x)
       double x;

       double scalb(x,y)
       double x; double y;

       double significant(x)
       double x;

       These functions allow users  to  verify  compliance  to  ANSI/IEEE  Std
       754-1985  by running certain test vectors distributed by the University
       of California.  Their use is not  otherwise  recommended;  instead  use
       scalbn(x,n)  and ilogb(x) described in ieee_functions(3M).  See the for

       logb(x) returns the unbiased exponent of x  in  floating-point  format,
       for exercising the logb(L) test vector.  logb(+-) = +; logb(0) = - with
       a division by zero exception.  logb(x) differs from ilogb(x) in return-
       ing a result in floating-point rather than integer format, in sometimes
       signaling IEEE exceptions, and in not normalizing subnormal x.

       scalb(x,(double)n) returns x * 2**n computed by  exponent  manipulation
       rather  than  by actually performing an exponentiation or a multiplica-
       tion, for exercising the scalb(S) test vector.  Thus
              0 <&lt;= scalb(fabs(x),-logb(x)) <&lt; 2
       for every x except 0, infinity and NaN.  scalb(x,y) is not defined when
       y  is  not  an  integral value.  scalb(x,y) differs from scalbn(x,n) in
       that the second argument is in floating-point rather than integer  for-

       significant(x) computes just
              scalb(x, (double) -ilogb(x)),
       for exercising the fraction-part(F) test vector.


       floatingpoint(3), ieee_values(3M), ieee_functions(3M), matherr(3M)

                                21 January 1988                  IEEE_TEST(3M)