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LDCLOSE(3X)                                                        LDCLOSE(3X)

       ldclose, ldaclose - close a COFF file

       #include <&lt;stdio.h>&gt;
       #include <&lt;filehdr.h>&gt;
       #include <&lt;ldfcn.h>&gt;

       int ldclose (ldptr)
       LDFILE *ldptr;

       int ldaclose (ldptr)
       LDFILE *ldptr;

       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       ldopen(3X) and ldclose() are designed to provide uniform access to both
       simple  COFF object files and COFF object files that are members of ar-
       chive files.  Thus an archive of COFF files can be processed as  if  it
       were a series of simple COFF files.

       If TYPE(ldptr) does not represent an archive file, ldclose() will close
       the file and free the memory allocated to the LDFILE structure  associ-
       ated  with  ldptr.   If  TYPE(ldptr)  is the magic number of an archive
       file, and if there are any more files in the  archive,  ldclose()  will
       reinitialize OFFSET(ldptr) to the file address of the next archive mem-
       ber and return FAILURE.  The LDFILE structure is prepared for a  subse-
       quent ldopen(3X).  In all other cases, ldclose() returns SUCCESS.

       ldaclose() closes the file and frees the memory allocated to the LDFILE
       structure associated with ldptr regardless of the value of TYPE(ldptr).
       ldaclose()  always returns SUCCESS.  The function is often used in con-
       junction with ldaopen.

       The program must be loaded with the object file access routine  library

       intro(5) describes INCDIR and LIBDIR.

       fclose(3V), ldfcn(3), ldopen(3X), intro(5)

                               19 February 1988                    LDCLOSE(3X)