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IPSEC_ANYADDR(3)           Library Functions Manual           IPSEC_ANYADDR(3)

       ipsec sameaddr - are two addresses the same?
       ipsec addrcmp - ordered comparison of addresses
       ipsec samesubnet - are two subnets the same?
       ipsec addrinsubnet - is an address within a subnet?
       ipsec subnetinsubnet - is a subnet within another subnet?
       ipsec subnetishost - is a subnet a single host?
       ipsec samesaid - are two SA IDs the same?
       ipsec sameaddrtype - are two addresses of the same address family?
       ipsec samesubnettype - are two subnets of the same address family?

       #include <&lt;freeswan.h>&gt;

       int sameaddr(const ip_address *a, const ip_address *b);
       int addrcmp(const ip_address *a, const ip_address *b);
       int samesubnet(const ip_subnet *a, const ip_subnet *b);
       int addrinsubnet(const ip_address *a, const ip_subnet *s);
       int subnetinsubnet(const ip_subnet *a, const ip_subnet *b);
       int subnetishost(const ip_subnet *s);
       int samesaid(const ip_said *a, const ip_said *b);
       int sameaddrtype(const ip_address *a, const ip_address *b);
       int samesubnettype(const ip_subnet *a, const ip_subnet *b);

       These functions do various comparisons and tests on the ip_address type
       and ip_subnet types.

       Sameaddr returns non-zero if addresses a and b  are  identical,  and  0
       otherwise.  Addresses of different families are never identical.

       Addrcmp  returns  -1,  0,  or 1 respectively if address a is less than,
       equal to, or greater than b.  If they are not of the same address  fam-
       ily,  they are never equal; the ordering reported in this case is arbi-
       trary (and probably not useful) but consistent.

       Samesubnet returns non-zero if subnets a and b  are  identical,  and  0
       otherwise.  Subnets of different address families are never identical.

       Addrinsubnet  returns  non-zero  if  address a is within subnet s and 0
       otherwise.  An address is never within a subnet of a different  address

       Subnetinsubnet returns non-zero if subnet a is a subset of subnet b and
       0 otherwise.  A subnet is deemed to be a subset of itself.  A subnet is
       never a subset of another subnet if their address families differ.

       Subnetishost  returns  non-zero  if  subnet  s is in fact only a single
       host, and 0 otherwise.

       Samesaid returns non-zero if SA IDs a and b are identical, and 0 other-

       Sameaddrtype  returns  non-zero  if  addresses  a and b are of the same
       address family, and 0 otherwise.

       Samesubnettype returns non-zero if subnets a and  b  are  of  the  same
       address family, and 0 otherwise.

       inet(3), ipsec_initaddr(3)

       Written for the FreeS/WAN project by Henry Spencer.

                                  28 Nov 2000                 IPSEC_ANYADDR(3)