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IPALLOC(3R)                                                        IPALLOC(3R)

       ipalloc - determine or temporarily allocate IP address


       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       ipalloc() is the protocol for allocating the IP address that  a  system
       should use.

       #include <&lt;rpcsvc/ipalloc.h>&gt;

       The following RPC calls are available in version 2 of this protocol:

              This is a standard null entry, used to ping a service to measure
              overhead or to discover servers.

              Returns an IP address corresponding to a given Ethernet address,
              if  possible.  This RPC must be called using DES authentication,
              from a client authorized to allocate IP addresses.  A  cache  of
              allocated addresses is maintained.

              The  first action taken on receipt of this RPC is to verify that
              no existing mapping between the etheraddr and the netnum  exists
              in  the  Network  Information Service (NIS) database.  If one is
              found, then that is returned.  Otherwise, an internal  cache  is
              checked,  and if an entry is found there for the given etheraddr
              on the right network, that entry is used.   If  no  address  was
              found  either in the NIS database or in the cache, a new one may
              be  allocated  and  returned,  and  the  ip_success  status   is

              If  an  unusable  entry was found in the cache, this RPC returns
              ip_failure status.

              Used to determine whether a given IP address is known to the NIS
              service,  since  NIS  allows  a  delay between the posting of an
              address and its availability in some locations on the network.

              This RPC is used to delete ipaddr entries from  the  cache  when
              they  are  no longer needed there.  It requires the same protec-
              tions as the IP_ALLOC RPC.

       ipallocd(8C), pnpboot(8C)

       The Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun  Yellow
       Pages  (YP).   The  functionality of the two remains the same; only the
       name has changed.

                                2 February 1988                    IPALLOC(3R)