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GETTTYENT(3)               Library Functions Manual               GETTTYENT(3)

       getttyent, getttynam, setttyent, endttyent - get ttytab file entry

       #include <&lt;ttyent.h>&gt;

       struct ttyent *getttyent()

       struct ttyent *getttynam(name)
       char *name;



       getttyent() and getttynam() each return a pointer to an object with the
       following structure containing the broken-out fields of a line from the
       tty description file.

              struct    ttyent {
                   char *ty_name; /* terminal device name */
                   char *ty_getty;     /* command to execute, usually getty */
                   char *ty_type; /* terminal type for termcap (3X) */
                   int  ty_status;     /* status flags (see below for defines) */
                   char      *ty_window;    /* command to start up window manager */
                   char *ty_comment;   /* usually the location of the terminal */
              #define TTY_ON      0x1  /* enable logins (startup getty) */
              #define TTY_SECURE  0x2  /* allow root to login */

              ty_name             is the name of the character-special file in
                                  the directory /dev.  For various reasons, it
                                  must reside in the directory /dev.

              ty_getty            is  the  command (usually getty(8)) which is
                                  invoked by init to initialize tty line char-
                                  acteristics.  In fact, any arbitrary command
                                  can be used; a typical use is to initiate  a
                                  terminal emulator in a window system.

              ty_type             is  the  name  of  the default terminal type
                                  connected to this tty line.  This  is  typi-
                                  cally  a name from the termcap(5) data base.
                                  The environment variable TERM is initialized
                                  with this name by getty(8) or login(1).

              ty_status           is a mask of bit fields which indicate vari-
                                  ous actions to be allowed on this tty  line.
                                  The following is a description of each flag.

                                         TTY_ON Enables   logins   (that   is,
                                                init(8) will start the  speci-
                                                fied  "getty"  command on this

                                                Allows root to login  on  this
                                                terminal. Note: TTY_ON must be
                                                included for this to  be  use-

              ty_window           is  the command to execute for a window sys-
                                  tem associated with the  line.   The  window
                                  system  will  be  started before the command
                                  specified in the ty_getty entry is executed.
                                  If none is specified, this will be NULL.

              ty_comment          is  the  trailing  comment  field, if any; a
                                  leading delimiter and white  space  will  be

       getttyent()  reads the next line from the ttytab file, opening the file
       if necessary; setttyent() rewinds the file; endttyent() closes it.

       getttynam() searches from the beginning of the file  until  a  matching
       name is found (or until EOF is encountered).


       login(1),  ttyslot(3V),  gettytab(5),  ttytab(5), termcap(5), getty(8),

       NULL pointer (0) returned on EOF or error.

       All information is contained in a static area so it must be  copied  if
       it is to be saved.

                                6 October 1987                    GETTTYENT(3)