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EXPORTENT(3)               Library Functions Manual               EXPORTENT(3)

       exportent, getexportent, setexportent, addexportent, remexportent, end-
       exportent, getexportopt - get exported file system information

       #include <&lt;stdio.h>&gt;
       #include <&lt;exportent.h>&gt;

       FILE *setexportent()

       struct exportent *getexportent(filep)
       FILE *filep;

       int addexportent(filep, dirname, options)
       FILE *filep;
       char *dirname;
       char *options;

       int remexportent(filep, dirname)
       FILE *filep;
       char *dirname;

       char *getexportopt(xent, opt)
       struct exportent *xent;
       char *opt;

       void endexportent(filep)
       FILE *filep;

       These routines access the exported filesystem information in /etc/xtab.

       setexportent() opens the export information file  and  returns  a  file
       pointer  to use with getexportent, addexportent, remexportent, and end-
       exportent.  getexportent() reads the next line from filep and returns a
       pointer  to  an object with the following structure containing the bro-
       ken-out fields of a line in the file, /etc/xtab The fields  have  mean-
       ings described in exports(5).

              #define ACCESS_OPT  "access"  /* machines that can mount fs */
              #define ROOT_OPT    "root"    /* machines with root access of fs */
              #define RO_OPT      "ro"      /* export read-only */
              #define ANON_OPT    "anon"    /* uid for anonymous requests */
              #define SECURE_OPT  "secure"  /* require secure NFS for access */
              #define WINDOW_OPT  "window"  /* expiration window for credential */

              struct exportent {
                   char *xent_dirname; /* directory (or file) to export */
                   char *xent_options; /* options, as above */

       addexportent()  adds the exportent() to the end of the open file filep.
       It returns 0 if successful and  -1 on failure.  remexportent()  removes
       the indicated entry from the list.  It also returns 0 on success and -1
       on failure.  getexportopt() scans the xent_options field of the  expor-
       tent()  structure  for  a  substring  that matches opt.  It returns the
       string value of opt, or NULL if the option is not found.

       endexportent() closes the file.


       exports(5), exportfs(8)

       NULL pointer (0) returned on EOF or error.

       The returned exportent() structure points to static information that is
       overwritten in each call.

                                4 January 1987                    EXPORTENT(3)