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GETAUDITFLAGS(3)           Library Functions Manual           GETAUDITFLAGS(3)

       getauditflagsbin, getauditflagschar - convert audit flag specifications

       #include <&lt;sys/label.h>&gt;
       #include <&lt;sys/audit.h>&gt;
       #include <&lt;sys/auevents.h>&gt;

       int getauditflagsbin(auditstring, masks)
       char *auditstring;
       audit_state_t *masks;

       int getauditflagschar(auditstring, masks, verbose)
       char *auditstring;
       audit_state_t *masks;
       int verbose;

       getauditflagsbin()  converts the character representation of audit val-
       ues pointed to by auditstring into audit_state_t fields pointed  to  by
       masks.   These fields indicate which events are to be audited when they
       succeed and which are to be audited  when  they  fail.   The  character
       string syntax is described in audit_control(5).

       getauditflagschar()  converts  the  audit_state_t  fields pointed to by
       masks into a string pointed to by auditstring.  If verbose is zero, the
       short  (2-character)  flag names are used.  If verbose is non-zero, the
       long flag names are used.  auditstring should be large enough  to  con-
       tain the ASCII representation of the events.

       auditstring  contains  a  series of event names, each one identifying a
       single audit class, separated  by  commas.   The  audit_state_t  fields
       pointed to by masks correspond to binary values defined in audit.h.

       -1 is returned on error and 0 on success.

       audit.log(5), audit_control(5)

       This is not a very extensible interface.

                                6 October 1987                GETAUDITFLAGS(3)