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BIT(3F)                                                                BIT(3F)

       bit - and, or, xor, not, rshift, lshift bitwise functions

       (intrinsic) function and (word1, word2)

       (intrinsic) function or (word1, word2)

       (intrinsic) function xor (word1, word2)

       (intrinsic) function not (word)

       (intrinsic) function rshift (word, nbits)

       (intrinsic) function lshift (word, nbits)

       These bitwise functions are built into the compiler and return the data
       type of their argument(s).  It is recommended that their  arguments  be
       integer  values;  inappropriate  manipulation of real objects may cause
       unexpected results.

       The bitwise combinatorial functions return the bitwise  ``and''  (and),
       ``or''  (or),  or  ``exclusive or'' (xor) of two operands.  Not returns
       the bitwise complement of its operand.

       Lshift, or rshift with a negative nbits, is a logical left  shift  with
       no  end  around  carry.  Rshift, or lshift with a negative nbits, is an
       arithmatic right shift with sign extension.  No test is made for a rea-
       sonable value of nbits.

       These functions are generated in-line by the f77 compiler.

4th Berkeley Distribution        13 June 1983                          BIT(3F)