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XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions(3)  XKB FUNCTIONS XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions(3)

       XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions  -  Allocate  additional  space for button
       actions in an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure

       Status XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions ( device_info, new_total )
             XkbDeviceInfoPtr device_info;
             unsigned int new_total;

       - device_info
              structure in which to allocate button actions

       - new_total
              new total number of button actions needed

       XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions reallocates space, if necessary,  to  make
       sure  there  is  room  for  a  total of new_total button actions in the
       device_info structure. Any new entries allocated are  zeroed.  If  suc-
       cessful,  XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions returns Success. If new_total is
       zero, all button actions are deleted, device_info->num_btns is  set  to
       zero,  and  device_info->btn_acts  is  set  to  NULL. If device_info is
       invalid or new_total is greater than 255, BadValue is  returned.  If  a
       memory allocation failure occurs, a BadAlloc is returned.

       To free an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure, use XkbFreeDeviceInfo.

       Information  about  X  Input Extension devices is transferred between a
       client program and the Xkb extension in an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure:

           typedef struct {
               char *               name;          /* name for device */
               Atom                 type;          /* name for class of devices */
               unsigned short       device_spec;   /* device of interest */
               Bool                 has_own_state; /* True=>this device has its own state */
               unsigned short       supported;     /* bits indicating supported capabilities */
               unsigned short       unsupported;   /* bits indicating unsupported capabilities */
               unsigned short       num_btns;      /* number of entries in btn_acts */
               XkbAction *          btn_acts;      /* button actions */
               unsigned short       sz_leds;       /* total number of entries in LEDs vector */
               unsigned short       num_leds;      /* number of valid entries in LEDs vector */
               unsigned short       dflt_kbd_fb;   /* input extension ID of default (core kbd) indicator */
               unsigned short       dflt_led_fb;   /* input extension ID of default indicator feedback */
               XkbDeviceLedInfoPtr  leds;          /* LED descriptions */
           } XkbDeviceInfoRec, *XkbDeviceInfoPtr;

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

       BadValue       An argument is out of range


X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5  XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions(3)