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XkbGetUpdatedMap(3)              XKB FUNCTIONS             XkbGetUpdatedMap(3)

       XkbGetUpdatedMap  -   Update the client or server map information in an
       existing keyboard description

       Status XkbGetUpdatedMap ( display, which, xkb )
             Display * display;
             unsigned int which;
             XkbDescPtr xkb;

       - display
              connection to X server

       - which
              mask selecting subcomponents to populate

       - xkb  keyboard description to be updated

       The which parameter is a bitwise inclusive OR of the masks in Table  1.
       If  the  needed  components  of the xkb structure are not already allo-
       cated, XkbGetUpdatedMap allocates them.  XkbGetUpdatedMap  fetches  the
       requested information for the device specified in the XkbDescRec passed
       in the xkb parameter.

       c s s s s c s s s s l l l l l l l l l l lw(3i) l l lw(1i) lw(3i).   Ta-
       ble   1  Xkb  Mapping  Component  Masks  and  Convenience  Functions  _
       Mask Value     Map  Fields    Convenience                     Functions
       _ T{ XkbKeyTypesMask T}   (1<<0)    client    T{ types
       num_types T}   T{ XkbGetKeyTypes
       XkbCopyKeyTypes T} T{ XkbKeySymsMask T}   (1<<1)    client    T{ syms
       key_sym_map T}   T{ XkbGetKeySyms
       XkbChangeTypesOfKey          T}          T{          XkbModifierMapMask
       T}   (1<<2)    client    modmap    T{ XkbGetKeyModifierMap T} T{ XkbEx-
       plicitComponentsMask   T}   (1<<3)    server    T{   explicit   T}   T{
       XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents       T}        T{        XkbKeyActionsMask
       T}   (1<<4)    server    T{ key_acts
       size_acts T}   T{ XkbGetKeyActions
       XkbResizeKeyActions          T}          T{         XkbKeyBehaviorsMask
       T}   (1<<5)    server    T{ behaviors T}   T{ XkbGetKeyBehaviors T}  T{
       XkbVirtualModsMask T}   (1<<6)    server    T{ vmods T}   T{ XkbGetVir-
       tualMods T} T{ XkbVirtualModMapMask T}   (1<<7)    server    T{ vmodmap
       T}   T{ XkbGetVirtualModMap T}

       XkbGetUpdatedMap  is synchronous; it queries the server for the desired
       information, waits for a reply, and then returns. If successful, XkbGe-
       tUpdatedMap  returns Success. If unsuccessful, XkbGetUpdatedMap returns
       one of the following: BadAlloc (unable to allocate a component  in  the
       XkbDescRec  structure),  BadValue  (some  mask  bits in which are unde-
       fined), BadImplementation (a compatible version of the Xkb extension is
       not available in the server or the reply from the server was invalid).

       Success        The XkbGetUpdatedMap function returns Success if a reply
                      is received to the server query for the desired informa-

       The  complete description of an Xkb keyboard is given by an XkbDescRec.
       The component structures in the XkbDescRec represent the major Xkb com-

       typedef struct {
          struct _XDisplay * display;      /* connection to X server */
          unsigned short     flags;        /* private to Xkb, do not modify */
          unsigned short     device_spec;  /* device of interest */
          KeyCode            min_key_code; /* minimum keycode for device */
          KeyCode            max_key_code; /* maximum keycode for device */
          XkbControlsPtr     ctrls;        /* controls */
          XkbServerMapPtr    server;       /* server keymap */
          XkbClientMapPtr    map;          /* client keymap */
          XkbIndicatorPtr    indicators;   /* indicator map */
          XkbNamesPtr        names;        /* names for all components */
          XkbCompatMapPtr    compat;       /* compatibility map */
          XkbGeometryPtr     geom;         /* physical geometry of keyboard */
       } XkbDescRec, *XkbDescPtr;

       The  display field points to an X display structure. The flags field is
       private  to  the  library:  modifying  flags  may  yield  unpredictable
       results.  The  device_spec field specifies the device identifier of the
       keyboard input device, or XkbUseCoreKeyboard, which specifies the  core
       keyboard  device.  The min_key_code and max_key_code fields specify the
       least and greatest keycode that can be returned by the keyboard.

       Each structure component has a corresponding mask bit that is  used  in
       function  calls to indicate that the structure should be manipulated in
       some manner, such as allocating it or freeing it. These masks and their
       relationships to the fields in the XkbDescRec are shown in Table 2.

       c s s l l l l l l.  Table 2 Mask Bits for XkbDescRec _ Mask Bit  XkbDe-
       scRec  Field   Value   _   XkbControlsMask     ctrls     (1L<<0)   Xkb-
       ServerMapMask    server    (1L<<1)     XkbIClientMapMask   map  (1L<<2)
       XkbIndicatorMapMask indicators     (1L<<3)                    XkbNames-
       Mask   names     (1L<<4) XkbCompatMapMask    compat    (1L<<5) XkbGeom-
       etryMask     geom (1L<<6)                  XkbAllComponentsMask     All
       Fields     (0x7f)

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

                      Invalid reply from server

       BadValue       An argument is out of range

       XkbChangeTypesOfKey(3),      XkbCopyKeyType(3),     XkbCopyKeyTypes(3),
       XkbGetKeyActions(3),   XkbGetKeyBehaviors(3),   XkbGetKeyExplicitCompo-
       nents(3), XkbGetKeyModifierMap(3), XkbGetKeySyms(3), XkbGetKeyTypes(3),
       XkbResizeKeyActions(3),    XkbResizeKeySyms(3),    XkbResizeKeyType(3),
       XkbGetVirtualModMap(3), XkbGetVirtualMods(3)

X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5              XkbGetUpdatedMap(3)