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XkbGetNames(3)                   XKB FUNCTIONS                  XkbGetNames(3)

       XkbGetNames - Obtain symbolic names from the server

       Status XkbGetNames ( dpy, which, Xkb )
             Display * dpy;
             unsigned int which;
             XkbDescPtr Xkb;

       - dpy  connection to the X server

       - which
              mask of names or map components to be updated

       - Xkb  keyboard description to be updated

       XkbGetNames retrieves symbolic names for the components of the keyboard
       extension from the X server. The which  parameter  specifies  the  name
       components  to  be  updated  in  the  xkb parameter, and is the bitwise
       inclusive OR of the valid names mask bits defined in Table 1.

       c  s  s  s  l  l  l  l.   Table  1  Symbolic   Names   Masks   _   Mask
       Bit  Value     Keyboard  Field               Component     _    XkbKey-
       codesNameMask (1<<0)    Xkb->names     keycodes            XkbGeometry-
       NameMask (1<<1)    Xkb->names     geometry                   XkbSymbol-
       sNameMask  (1<<2)    Xkb->names     symbols              XkbPhysSymbol-
       sNameMask   (1<<3)    Xkb->names     phys_symbols             XkbTypes-
       NameMask    (1<<4)    Xkb->names     type                    XkbCompat-
       NameMask   (1<<5)    Xkb->names     compat             XkbKeyTypeNames-
       Mask (1<<6)    Xkb->map  type[*].name                  XkbKTLevelNames-
       Mask (1<<7)    Xkb->map  type[*].lvl_names[*]        XkbIndicatorNames-
       Mask    (1<<8)    Xkb->names     indicators[*]             XkbKeyNames-
       Mask     (1<<9)    Xkb->names     keys[*],    num_keys   XkbKeyAliases-
       Mask   (1<<10)   Xkb->names     key_aliases[*], num_key_aliases XkbVir-
       tualModNamesMask   (1<<11)   Xkb->names     vmods[*]     XkbGroupNames-
       Mask   (1<<12)   Xkb->names     groups[*]                   XkbRGNames-
       Mask (1<<13)   Xkb->names     radio_groups[*],   num_rg   XkbComponent-
       NamesMask    (0x3f)    Xkb->names     keycodes,                  geome-
       try,                    symbols,                   physical    symbols,
                      types, and                compatibility map XkbAllNames-
       Mask     (0x3fff)  Xkb->names     all name components

       If the names field of the keyboard description xkb is NULL, XkbGetNames
       allocates and initializes the names component of the keyboard  descrip-
       tion  before  obtaining  the  values  specified by which.  If the names
       field of xkb is not NULL, XkbGetNames obtains the values  specified  by
       which and copies them into the keyboard description Xkb.

       If the map component of the xkb parameter is NULL, XkbGetNames does not
       retrieve type or shift level  names,  even  if  XkbKeyTypeNamesMask  or
       XkbKTLevelNamesMask are set in which.

       XkbGetNames  can  return Success, or BadAlloc, BadLength, BadMatch, and
       BadImplementation errors.

       To free symbolic names, use XkbFreeNames.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

                      Invalid reply from server

       BadLength      The length of a request is shorter or longer  than  that
                      required to minimally contain the arguments

       BadMatch       A  compatible  version  of  Xkb was not available in the
                      server or an argument has correct type and range, but is
                      otherwise invalid


X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5                   XkbGetNames(3)