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XkbGetKeyModifierMap(3)          XKB FUNCTIONS         XkbGetKeyModifierMap(3)

       XkbGetKeyModifierMap  -  Update the modifier map for one or more of the
       keys in a keyboard description

       Status XkbGetKeyModifierMap ( dpy, first, num, xkb )
             Display * dpy;
             unsigned int first;
             unsigned int num;
             XkbDescPtr xkb;

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - first
              keycode of first key to get

       - num  number of keys for which information is desired

       - xkb  keyboard description to update

       The modmap entry of the client map is an  array,  indexed  by  keycode,
       specifying the real modifiers bound to a key. Each entry is a mask com-
       posed of a bitwise inclusive OR of the legal real modifiers: ShiftMask,
       LockMask,  ControlMask,  Mod1Mask,  Mod2Mask,  Mod3Mask,  Mod4Mask, and
       Mod5Mask. If a bit is set in a modmap entry, the corresponding  key  is
       bound to that modifier.

       Pressing  or releasing the key bound to a modifier changes the modifier
       set and unset state. The particular manner in which  the  modifier  set
       and  unset  state  changes  is  determined  by the behavior and actions
       assigned to the key.

       XkbGetKeyModifierMap sends a request to the  server  for  the  modifier
       mappings for num keys starting with the key whose keycode is first.  It
       waits for a reply and places the results in the xkb->map->modmap array.
       If successful, XkbGetKeyModifier returns Success.

       If  the  map  component  of  the  xkb parameter has not been allocated,
       XkbGetKeyModifierMap allocates and initializes it.

       If a compatible version of Xkb is not available in the  server  or  the
       Xkb  extension has not been properly initialized, XkbGetKeySyms returns
       BadAccess. If any allocation errors occur while obtaining the  modifier
       map, XkbGetKeyModifierMap returns BadAlloc.

       BadAccess      The Xkb extension has not been properly initialized

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5          XkbGetKeyModifierMap(3)