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XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents(3Xkb)    XKB     XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents(3Xkb)


       XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents  -  Obtain  the  explicit  components  (the
       explicit array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description

       Status XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents ( dpy, first, num, xkb )
             Display * dpy;
             unsigned int first;
             unsigned int num;
             XkbDescPtr xkb;

       - dpy  connection to server

       - first
              keycode of first key to fetch

       - num  number of keys for which to get explicit info

       - xkb  Xkb description in which to put results

       Whenever a client remaps the keyboard using core protocol requests, Xkb
       examines  the map to determine likely default values for the components
       that cannot be specified using the core  protocol  (see  Core  Keyboard
       Mapping  to Xkb Keyboard Mapping Transformation for more information on
       how Xkb chooses the default values).


       This automatic remapping might replace definitions explicitly requested
       by an application, so the Xkb keyboard description defines an  explicit
       components  mask  for  each key. Any aspects of the automatic remapping
       listed in the explicit components mask for a key are not changed by the
       automatic keyboard mapping.

       The  explicit  components  masks  are held in the explicit field of the
       server map, which is an array indexed by keycode. Each  entry  in  this
       array  is  a mask that is a bitwise inclusive OR of the values shown in
       Table 1.

       c s s l l l l l lw(3i).  Table 1 Explicit  Component  Masks  _  Bit  in
       Explicit     Mask Value     Protects     Against     _     ExplicitKey-
       Type1    (1<<0)    T{ Automatic determination of the key  type  associ-
       ated with Group1.  T} ExplicitKeyType2    (1<<1)    T{ Automatic deter-
       mination of the key  type  associated  with  Group2.   T}  ExplicitKey-
       Type3    (1<<2)    T{  Automatic  determination of the key type associ-
       ated with Group3.  T} ExplicitKeyType4    (1<<3)    T{ Automatic deter-
       mination  of  the  key  type associated with Group4.  T} ExplicitInter-
       pret   (1<<4)    T{ Application of any of the fields of a symbol inter-
       pretation  to the key in question.  T} ExplicitAutoRepeat  (1<<5)    T{
       Automatic determination of auto-repeat status for the key, as specified
       in  a symbol interpretation.  T} ExplicitBehavior    (1<<6)    T{ Auto-
       matic assignment  of  the  XkbKB_Lock  behavior  to  the  key,  if  the
       XkbSI_LockingKey flag is set in a symbol interpretation.  T} ExplicitV-
       ModMap     (1<<7)    T{ Automatic determination of the virtual modifier
       map for the key based on the actions assigned to the key and the symbol
       interpretations that match the key.  T}

       XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents sends a request to the server to obtain the
       explicit  components  for  num  keys  on the keyboard starting with key
       first.  It waits for a reply and returns the explicit components in the
       server-&gt;explicit  array of xkb.  If successful, XkbGetKeyExplicitCompo-
       nents returns Success. The xkb parameter must be a pointer to  a  valid
       Xkb keyboard description.

       If  the  server  map  in  the  xkb  parameter  has  not been allocated,
       XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents allocates and initializes it before obtain-
       ing the actions.

       If  the  server  does  not have a compatible version of Xkb, or the Xkb
       extension has not been  properly  initialized,  XkbGetKeyExplicitCompo-
       nents  returns BadMatch. If num is less than 1 or greater than XkbMaxK-
       eyCount, XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents returns BadValue. If  any  alloca-
       tion errors occur, XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents returns BadAlloc.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

       BadMatch       A  compatible  version  of  Xkb was not available in the
                      server or an argument has correct type and range, but is
                      otherwise invalid

       BadValue       An argument is out of range

X v11 Rel. 6.4                    20 Jul 1999XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents(3Xkb)