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XkbFreeControls(3)               XKB FUNCTIONS              XkbFreeControls(3)

       XkbFreeControls  -  Frees  memory used by the ctrls member of an XkbDe-
       scRec structure

       void XkbFreeControls ( xkb, which, free_all )
             XkbDescPtr xkb;
             unsigned int which;
             Bool free_all;

       - xkb  Xkb description in which to free controls components

       - which
              mask of components of ctrls to free

       - free_all
              True => free everything + ctrls itself

       XkbFreeControls frees the specified components of the  ctrls  field  in
       the  xkb keyboard description and sets the corresponding structure com-
       ponent values to NULL or zero. The which mask specifies the  fields  of
       ctrls to be freed and can contain any of the controls components speci-
       fied in Table 1.

       Table 1 shows the actual values for the individual mask  bits  used  to
       select controls for modification and to enable and disable the control.
       Note that the same mask bit is used to specify general modifications to
       the parameters used to configure the control (which), and to enable and
       disable the control (enabled_ctrls). The anomalies  in  the  table  (no
       "ok"  in column) are for controls that have no configurable attributes;
       and for controls that are not boolean controls and therefore cannot  be
       enabled or disabled.

       c  s  s  s  l l l l l l l l l l l l.  Table 1 Controls Mask Bits _ Mask
       Bit  which or    enabled   Value       changed_ctrls  _ctrls  _  XkbRe-
       peatKeysMask   ok   ok   (1L<<0)  XkbSlowKeysMask     ok   ok   (1L<<1)
       XkbBounceKeysMask   ok   ok   (1L<<2)                         XkbStick-
       yKeysMask   ok   ok   (1L<<3)     XkbMouseKeysMask    ok   ok   (1L<<4)
       XkbMouseKeysAccelMask    ok   ok   (1L<<5)                       XkbAc-
       cessXKeysMask  ok   ok   (1L<<6)                     XkbAccessXTimeout-
       Mask    ok   ok   (1L<<7)    XkbAccessXFeedbackMask   ok   ok   (1L<<8)
       XkbAudibleBellMask       ok   (1L<<9)                          XkbOver-
       lay1Mask          ok   (1L<<10)  XkbOverlay2Mask          ok   (1L<<11)
       XkbIgnoreGroupLockMask        ok   (1L<<12)              XkbGroupsWrap-
       Mask   ok        (1L<<27) XkbInternalModsMask ok        (1L<<28) XkbIg-
       noreLockModsMask    ok        (1L<<29)                 XkbPerKeyRepeat-
       Mask ok        (1L<<30)     XkbControlsEnabledMask   ok        (1L<<31)
       XkbAccessXOptionsMask    ok   ok   (XkbStickyKeysMask                 |
                      XkbAccessXFeedbackMask)              XkbAllBooleanCtrls-
       Mask        ok   (0x00001FFF)                           XkbAllControls-
       Mask  ok        (0xF8001FFF)

       If free_all is True, XkbFreeControls  frees  every  non-NULL  structure
       component  in  the  controls, frees the XkbControlsRec structure refer-
       enced by the ctrls member of xkb, and sets ctrls to NULL.

X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5               XkbFreeControls(3)