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XkbAllocNames(3)                 XKB FUNCTIONS                XkbAllocNames(3)

       XkbAllocNames - Allocate symbolic names structures

       Status XkbAllocNames ( xkb, which, num_rg, num_key_aliases )
             XkbDescPtr xkb;
             unsigned int which;
             int num_rg;
             int num_key_aliases;

       - xkb  keyboard description for which names are to be allocated

       - which
              mask of names to be allocated

       - num_rg
              total number of radio group names needed

       - num_key_aliases
              total number of key aliases needed

       Most  applications  do  not  need  to  directly allocate symbolic names
       structures. Do not allocate a names structure directly using malloc  or
       Xmalloc  if your application changes the number of key aliases or radio
       groups or constructs a symbolic names  structure  without  loading  the
       necessary components from the X server. Instead use XkbAllocNames.

       XkbAllocNames  can  return BadAlloc, BadMatch, and BadValue errors. The
       which parameter is the bitwise inclusive OR of  the  valid  names  mask
       bits defined in Table 1.

       c   s   s   s   l  l  l  l.   Table  1  Symbolic  Names  Masks  _  Mask
       Bit  Value     Keyboard  Field              Component     _     XkbKey-
       codesNameMask (1<<0)    Xkb->names     keycodes            XkbGeometry-
       NameMask (1<<1)    Xkb->names     geometry                   XkbSymbol-
       sNameMask  (1<<2)    Xkb->names     symbols              XkbPhysSymbol-
       sNameMask   (1<<3)    Xkb->names     phys_symbols             XkbTypes-
       NameMask    (1<<4)    Xkb->names     type                    XkbCompat-
       NameMask   (1<<5)    Xkb->names     compat             XkbKeyTypeNames-
       Mask (1<<6)    Xkb->map  type[*].name                  XkbKTLevelNames-
       Mask (1<<7)    Xkb->map  type[*].lvl_names[*]        XkbIndicatorNames-
       Mask    (1<<8)    Xkb->names     indicators[*]             XkbKeyNames-
       Mask     (1<<9)    Xkb->names     keys[*],   num_keys    XkbKeyAliases-
       Mask   (1<<10)   Xkb->names     key_aliases[*], num_key_aliases XkbVir-
       tualModNamesMask   (1<<11)   Xkb->names     vmods[*]     XkbGroupNames-
       Mask   (1<<12)   Xkb->names     groups[*]                   XkbRGNames-
       Mask (1<<13)   Xkb->names     radio_groups[*],   num_rg   XkbComponent-
       NamesMask    (0x3f)    Xkb->names     keycodes,                  geome-
       try,                   symbols,                   physical     symbols,
                      types, and                compatibility map XkbAllNames-
       Mask     (0x3fff)  Xkb->names     all name components

       Do not free symbolic names structures directly  using  free  or  XFree.
       Use XkbFreeNames instead.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

       BadMatch       A  compatible  version  of  Xkb was not available in the
                      server or an argument has correct type and range, but is
                      otherwise invalid

       BadValue       An argument is out of range


X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5                 XkbAllocNames(3)