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XcmsSetWhitePoint(3)            XLIB FUNCTIONS            XcmsSetWhitePoint(3)

       XcmsSetWhitePoint, XcmsSetWhiteAdjustProc - modifying CCC attributes

       Status XcmsSetWhitePoint(XcmsCCC ccc, XcmsColor *color);

       XcmsWhiteAdjustProc XcmsSetWhiteAdjustProc(XcmsCCC ccc, XcmsWhiteAd-
              justProc white_adjust_proc, XPointer client_data);

       ccc       Specifies the CCC.

                 Specifies client data for the white point adjustment proce-
                 dure or NULL.

       color     Specifies the new Client White Point.

                 Specifies the white point adjustment procedure.

       The XcmsSetWhitePoint function changes the Client White Point in the
       specified CCC.  Note that the pixel member is ignored and that the
       color specification is left unchanged upon return.  The format for the
       new white point must be XcmsCIEXYZFormat, XcmsCIEuvYFormat, XcmsCIExyY-
       Format, or XcmsUndefinedFormat.  If the color argument is NULL, this
       function sets the format component of the Client White Point specifica-
       tion to XcmsUndefinedFormat, indicating that the Client White Point is
       assumed to be the same as the Screen White Point.

       This function returns nonzero status if the format for the new white
       point is valid; otherwise, it returns zero.

       The XcmsSetWhiteAdjustProc function first sets the white point adjust-
       ment procedure and client data in the specified CCC with the newly
       specified procedure and client data and then returns the old procedure.

       DisplayOfCCC(3X11), XcmsCCCOfColormap(3X11), XcmsConvertColors(3X11),
       XcmsCreateCCC(3X11), XcmsDefaultCCC(3X11)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5             XcmsSetWhitePoint(3)