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XSetCommand(3)                  XLIB FUNCTIONS                  XSetCommand(3)

       XSetCommand, XGetCommand - set or read a window's WM_COMMAND property

       int XSetCommand(Display *display, Window w, char **argv, int argc);

       Status XGetCommand(Display *display, Window w, char ***argv_return, int

       argc      Specifies the number of arguments.

                 Returns the number of arguments returned.

       argv      Specifies the application's argument list.

                 Returns the application's argument list.

       display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       w         Specifies the window.

       The XSetCommand function sets the command and arguments used to invoke
       the application.  (Typically, argv is the argv array of your main pro-
       gram.)  If the strings are not in the Host Portable Character Encoding,
       the result is implementation-dependent.

       XSetCommand can generate BadAlloc and BadWindow errors.

       The XGetCommand function reads the WM_COMMAND property from the speci-
       fied window and returns a string list.  If the WM_COMMAND property
       exists, it is of type STRING and format 8.  If sufficient memory can be
       allocated to contain the string list, XGetCommand fills in the
       argv_return and argc_return arguments and returns a nonzero status.
       Otherwise, or if any other error is encountered, it returns a zero sta-
       tus.  If the data returned by the server is in the Latin Portable Char-
       acter Encoding, then the returned strings are in the Host Portable
       Character Encoding.  Otherwise, the result is implementation-dependent.
       To free the memory allocated to the string list, use XFreeStringList.

                 The command and arguments, null-separated, used to invoke the

       BadAlloc  The server failed to allocate the requested resource or
                 server memory.

       BadWindow A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

       XAllocClassHint(3X11), XAllocIconSize(3X11), XAllocSizeHints(3X11),
       XAllocWMHints(3X11), XSetTransientForHint(3X11), XSetTextProp-
       erty(3X11), XSetWMClientMachine(3X11), XSetWMColormapWindows(3X11),
       XSetWMIconName(3X11), XSetWMName(3X11), XSetWMProperties(3X11), XSetWM-
       Protocols(3X11), XStringListToTextProperty(3X11)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5                   XSetCommand(3)