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XCreateIC(3)                    XLIB FUNCTIONS                    XCreateIC(3)

       XCreateIC, XDestroyIC, XIMOfIC - create, destroy, and obtain the input
       method of an input context

       XIC XCreateIC(XIM im, ...);

       void XDestroyIC(XIC ic);

       XIM XIMOfIC(XIC ic);

       ic        Specifies the input context.

       im        Specifies the input method.

       ...       Specifies the variable length argument list to set XIC val-

       The XCreateIC function creates a context within the specified input

       Some of the arguments are mandatory at creation time, and the input
       context will not be created if those arguments are not provided.  The
       mandatory arguments are the input style and the set of text callbacks
       (if the input style selected requires callbacks).  All other input con-
       text values can be set later.

       XCreateIC returns a NULL value if no input context could be created.  A
       NULL value could be returned for any of the following reasons:

       o    A required argument was not set.

       o    A read-only argument was set (for example, XNFilterEvents).

       o    The argument name is not recognized.

       o    The input method encountered an input method implementation-depen-
            dent error.

       The XCreateIC can generate BadAtom, BadColor, BadPixmap, and BadWindow

       XDestroyIC destroys the specified input context.

       The XIMOfIC function returns the input method associated with the spec-
       ified input context.

       BadAtom   A value for an Atom argument does not name a defined Atom.

       BadColor  A value for a Colormap argument does not name a defined Col-

       BadPixmap A value for a Pixmap argument does not name a defined Pixmap.

       BadWindow A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

       XOpenIM(3X11), XSetICFocus(3X11), XSetICValues(3X11), XmbResetIC(3X11)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                     libX11 1.1.5                     XCreateIC(3)