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native::Wc(3perl)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    native::Wc(3perl)

       SVN::Wc - Subversion working copy functions


           A svn_wc_entry_t object for the item.  Can be undef if not under
           version control.

           An integer representing the status of the item's text.  Can be one
           of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants.

           An integer representing the status of the item's properties.  Can
           be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants.

           A boolean telling if the item is locked.  A directory can be locked
           if a working copy update was interrupted.

           A boolean telling if the item was copied.  A file or directory can
           be copied if it's scheduled for addition-with-history (or part of a
           subtree that is scheduled as such).

           A boolean telling if the item was switched.  A file or directory
           can be switched if the switch command has been used.

           An integer representing the status of the item's text in the
           repository.  Can be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants.

           An integer representing the status of the item's properties in the
           repository.  Can be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants.

           Entry's name.

           Base revision.

           URL in repository.

           Canonical repository URL.

           Repository uuid.

           The kind of node.  One of the following constants:
           $SVN::Node::none, $SVN::Node::file, $SVN::Node::dir,

           Scheduling.  One of the SVN::Wc::Schedule::* constants.

           In a copied state.

           Deleted, but parent rev lags behind.

           Absent -- we know an entry of this name exists, but that's all
           (usually this happens because of authz restrictions)

           For THIS_DIR entry, implies whole entries file is incomplete.

           Copyfrom location.

           Copyfrom revision.

           Old version of conflicted file.

           New version of conflicted file.

           Working version of conflicted file.

           Property reject file.

           Last up-to-date time for text contents (0 means no information

           Last up-to-date time for properties (0 means no information

           Base-64 encoded checksum for the untranslated text base file, can
           be undef for backwards compatibility.

           Last revision this was changed.

           Last date this was changed.

           Last commit author of this item.

           Adding a path to revision control.

           Copying a versioned path.

           Deleting a versioned path.

           Restoring a missing path from the pristine text-base.

           Reverting a modified path.

           A revert operation has failed.

           Resolving a conflict.

           Skipping a path.

           Got a delete in an update.

           Got an add in an update.

           Got any other action in an update.

           The last notification in an update (including updates of

           Updating an external module.

           The last notification in a status (including status on externals).

           Running status on an external module.

           Committing a modification.

           Committing an addition.

           Committing a deletion.

           Committing a replacement.

           Transmitting post-fix text-delta data for a file.

           Processed a single revision's blame.

           Notifier doesn't know or isn't saying.

           The state did not change.

           The item wasn't present.

           An unversioned item obstructed work.

           Pristine state was modified.

           Modified state had mods merged in.

           Modified state got conflicting mods.

           Nothing special here.

           Slated for addition.

           Slated for deletion.

           Slated for replacement (delete + add)

           Does not exist.

           Is not a versioned node in this working copy.

           Exists, but uninteresting.

           Is scheduled for addition.

           Under version control but missing.

           Scheduled for deletion.

           Was deleted and then re-added.

           Text or props have been modified.

           Local mods received repos mods.

           Local mods received conflicting mods.

           A node marked as ignored.

           An unversioned resource is in the way of the versioned resource.

           An unversioned path populated by an svn:externals property.

           A directory doesn't contain a complete entries list.

perl v5.10.0                      2007-11-05                 native::Wc(3perl)