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Mail::SpamAssassin::PlUser:Contributed PMail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Pyzor(3pm)

       Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Pyzor - perform Pyzor check of messages

         loadplugin     Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Pyzor

       Pyzor is a collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam
       using identifying digests of messages.

       See http://pyzor.sourceforge.net/ for more information about Pyzor.

       use_pyzor (0|1)          (default: 1)
           Whether to use Pyzor, if it is available.

       pyzor_max NUMBER         (default: 5)
           This option sets how often a message's body checksum must have been
           reported to the Pyzor server before SpamAssassin will consider the
           Pyzor check as matched.

           As most clients should not be auto-reporting these checksums, you
           should set this to a relatively low value, e.g. 5.

       pyzor_timeout n          (default: 3.5)
           How many seconds you wait for Pyzor to complete, before scanning
           continues without the Pyzor results.

           You can configure Pyzor to have its own per-server timeout.  Set
           this plugin's timeout with that in mind.  This plugin's timeout is
           a maximum ceiling.  If Pyzor takes longer than this to complete its
           communication with all servers, no results are used by

           Pyzor servers do not yet synchronize their servers, so it can be
           beneficial to check and report to more than one.  See the pyzor-
           users mailing list for alternate servers that are not published via
           'pyzor discover'.

           If you are using multiple Pyzor servers, a good rule of thumb would
           be to set the SpamAssassin plugin's timeout to be the same or just
           a bit more than the per-server Pyzor timeout (e.g., 3.5 and 2 for
           two Pyzor servers).  If more than one of your Pyzor servers is
           always timing out, consider removing one of them.

       pyzor_options options
           Specify additional options to the pyzor(1) command. Please note
           that only characters in the range [0-9A-Za-z ,._/-] are allowed for
           security reasons.

       pyzor_path STRING
           This option tells SpamAssassin specifically where to find the
           "pyzor" client instead of relying on SpamAssassin to find it in the
           current PATH.  Note that if taint mode is enabled in the Perl
           interpreter, you should use this, as the current PATH will have
           been cleared.

perl v5.10.0                      2008-0Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Pyzor(3pm)