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Mail::SPF::Term(3pm)  User Contributed Perl Documentation Mail::SPF::Term(3pm)

       Mail::SPF::Term - SPF record term class

       An object of class Mail::SPF::Term represents a term within an SPF
       record.  Mail::SPF::Term cannot be instantiated directly.  Create an
       instance of a concrete sub-class instead.


       The following constructor is provided:

       new(%options): returns Mail::SPF::Term
           Abstract.  Creates a new SPF record term object.

           %options is a list of key/value pairs, however Mail::SPF::Term
           itself specifies no constructor options.

       new_from_string($text): returns Mail::SPF::Term; throws
       Mail::SPF::ENothingToParse, Mail::SPF::EInvalidTerm
           Abstract.  Creates a new SPF record term object by parsing the
           given string.

       Class methods

       The following class methods are provided:

       name_pattern: returns Regexp
           Returns a regular expression that matches any legal name for an SPF
           record term.

       Instance methods

       The following instance methods are provided:

       text: returns string; throws Mail::SPF::ENoUnparsedText
           Returns the unparsed text of the term.  Throws a Mail::SPF::ENoUn-
           parsedText exception if the term was created synthetically instead
           of being parsed, and no text was provided.

       name: returns string
           Abstract.  Returns the name of the term.

       Mail::SPF, Mail::SPF::Record, Mail::SPF::Mech, Mail::SPF::Mod


       For availability, support, and license information, see the README file
       included with Mail::SPF.

       Julian Mehnle <julianATmehnle.net>, Shevek <cpanATanarres.org>

perl v5.8.8                       2007-10-07              Mail::SPF::Term(3pm)