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uadmin(2)                        System Calls                        uadmin(2)

       uadmin - administrative control

       #include <sys/uadmin.h>

       int uadmin(int cmd, int fcn, uintptr_t mdep);

       The  uadmin()  function provides control for basic administrative func-
       tions. This function is tightly coupled to  the  system  administrative
       procedures  and  is  not intended for general use. The argument mdep is
       provided for machine-dependent use and is not defined here.

       As specified by cmd, the following commands are available:

       A_SHUTDOWN      The system is shut down. All user processes are killed,
                       the  buffer  cache is flushed, and the root file system
                       is unmounted. The action to be taken after  the  system
                       has  been  shut down is specified by fcn. The functions
                       are generic; the hardware capabilities  vary  on   spe-
                       cific machines.

                       AD_HALT         Halt the processor(s).

                       AD_POWEROFF     Halt  the processor(s) and turn off the

                       AD_BOOT         Reboot the  system,  using  the  kernel

                       AD_IBOOT        Interactive  reboot;  user  is prompted
                                       for bootable program name.

       A_REBOOT        The system stops immediately without any  further  pro-
                       cessing.  The  action  to be taken next is specified by
                       fcn as above.

       A_DUMP          The system is forced to panic immediately  without  any
                       further  processing  and a crash dump is written to the
                       dump device (see dumpadm(1M)).  The action to be  taken
                       next is specified by fcn as above.

       A_REMOUNT       The root file system is mounted again after having been
                       fixed. This should be  used  only  during  the  startup

       A_FREEZE        Suspend  the  whole  system.   The system state is pre-
                       served in the state file. The following  three  subcom-
                       mands are available.

                       AD_COMPRESS     Save the system state to the state file
                                       with compression of data.

                       AD_CHECK        Check if your system  supports  suspend
                                       and resume.  Without performing a  sys-
                                       tem suspend/resume, this command checks
                                       if  this feature is currently available
                                       on your system.

                       AD_FORCE        Force AD_COMPRESS even when threads  of
                                       user applications are not suspendable.

       Upon  successful  completion, the value returned depends on cmd as fol-

       A_SHUTDOWN      Never returns.

       A_REBOOT        Never returns.

       A_FREEZE        0 upon resume.

       A_REMOUNT       0.

       Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       The uadmin() function will fail if:

       EBUSY           Suspend is already in progress.

       EINVAL          The cmd argument is invalid.

       ENOMEM          Suspend/resume ran out of physical memory.

       ENOSPC          Suspend/resume could not allocate enough space  on  the
                       root file system to store system information.

       ENOTSUP         Suspend/resume is not supported on this platform or the
                       command specified by cmd is not allowed.

       ENXIO           Unable to successfully suspend system.

       EPERM           The {PRIV_SYS_CONFIG} privilege is not asserted in  the
                       effective set of the calling process.

       dumpadm(1M), kernel(1M), uadmin(1M), privileges(5)

SunOS 5.10                        25 Mar 2004                        uadmin(2)