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SYSCONF(2V)                                                        SYSCONF(2V)

       sysconf - query system related limits, values, options

       #include <&lt;unistd.h>&gt;

       long sysconf(name)
       int name;

       The  sysconf() function provides a method for the application to deter-
       mine the current value of a configurable system limit or option  (vari-
       able).   The  value  does not change during the lifetime of the calling

       The convention used throughout sections 2 and 3 is that  {LIMIT}  means
       that  LIMIT  is  something  that  can  change from system to system and
       applications that want accurate values need to call  sysconf().   These
       values are things that have been historically available in header files
       such as <&lt;sys/param.h>&gt;.

       The following lists the conceptual name and meaning of each variable.

              lI lI l l .  Name Meaning {ARG_MAX} Max combined size of  argv[]
              &  envp[].   {CHILD_MAX}    Max  processes  allowed  to any UID.
              {CLK_TCK} Ticks per second (clock_t).  {NGROUPS_MAX}  Max simul-
              taneous  groups one may      belong to.  {OPEN_MAX}     Max open
              files per process.   {_POSIX_JOB_CONTROL}     Job  control  sup-
              ported  (boolean).   {_POSIX_SAVED_IDS}  Saved  ids  (seteuid())
              supported      (boolean).   {_POSIX_VERSION}    Version  of  the
              POSIX.1 standard      supported.

       The  following table lists the conceptual name of each variable and the
       flag passed to sysconf() to retrieve the value of each variable.

              lI  lI  l  lB  .   Name Sysconf  flag  _   {ARG_MAX} _SC_ARG_MAX
              {CHILD_MAX}    _SC_CHILD_MAX               {CLK_TCK} _SC_CLK_TCK
              {NGROUPS_MAX}  _SC_NGROUPS_MAX       {OPEN_MAX}     _SC_OPEN_MAX
              {_POSIX_JOB_CONTROL}     _SC_JOB_CONTROL

       sysconf()  returns  the current variable value on success.  On failure,
       it returns -1 and sets errno to indicate the error.

       EINVAL         The value of name is invalid.

                                21 January 1990                    SYSCONF(2V)