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GETDOMAINNAME(2)              System Calls Manual             GETDOMAINNAME(2)

       getdomainname, setdomainname - get/set name of current domain

       int getdomainname(name, namelen)
       char *name;
       int namelen;

       int setdomainname(name, namelen)
       char *name;
       int namelen;

       getdomainname()  returns the name of the domain for the current proces-
       sor, as previously set by setdomainname.  The parameter namelen  speci-
       fies  the  size  of the array pointed to by name.  The returned name is
       null-terminated unless insufficient space is provided.

       setdomainname() sets the domain of the host machine to be  name,  which
       has  length  namelen.  This call is restricted to the super-user and is
       normally used only when the system is bootstrapped.

       The purpose of domains is to enable two distinct networks that may have
       host  names in common to merge.  Each network would be distinguished by
       having a different domain name.  At the current time, only the  Network
       Information Service (NIS) and sendmail(8) make use of domains.

       getdomainname() and setdomainname() return:

       0      on success.

       -1     on failure and set errno to indicate the error.

       EFAULT         The name parameter gave an invalid address.

       In addition to the above, setdomainname() will fail if:

       EPERM          The caller was not the super-user.

       Domain names are limited to 64 characters.

       The  Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun Yellow
       Pages (YP).  The functionality of the two remains the  same;  only  the
       name has changed.

                                21 January 1990               GETDOMAINNAME(2)