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REBOOT(2)                     System Calls Manual                    REBOOT(2)

       reboot - reboot system or halt processor

       #include <&lt;sys/reboot.h>&gt;

       reboot(howto, [ bootargs ] )
       int howto;
       char *bootargs;

       reboot()  reboots the system, and is invoked automatically in the event
       of unrecoverable system failures.  howto is a mask of options passed to
       the  bootstrap program.  The system call interface permits only RB_HALT
       or RB_AUTOBOOT to be passed to the reboot program; the other flags  are
       used  in scripts stored on the console storage media, or used in manual
       bootstrap  procedures.   When  none  of  these  options  (for  instance
       RB_AUTOBOOT)  is given, the system is rebooted from file /vmunix in the
       root file system of unit 0 of a disk chosen  in  a  processor  specific
       way.  An automatic consistency check of the disks is then normally per-

       The bits of howto are:

       RB_HALT        the processor is simply halted; no reboot  takes  place.
                      RB_HALT should be used with caution.

       RB_ASKNAME     Interpreted  by the bootstrap program itself, causing it
                      to inquire as to what file should be booted.   Normally,
                      the  system is booted from the file /vmunix without ask-

       RB_SINGLE      Normally, the reboot  procedure  involves  an  automatic
                      disk  consistency  check and then multi-user operations.
                      RB_SINGLE prevents the consistency check, rather  simply
                      booting  the system with a single-user shell on the con-
                      sole.  RB_SINGLE is interpreted by the  init(8)  program
                      in the newly booted system.

       RB_DUMP        A system core dump is performed before rebooting.

       RB_STRING      The  optional  argument  bootargs is passed to the boot-
                      strap program.  See boot(8S) for details.   This  option
                      overrides  RB_SINGLE but the same effect can be achieved
                      by including -s as an option in bootargs.

       Only the super-user may reboot() a machine.

       On success, reboot() does not return.  On failure, it  returns  -1  and
       sets errno to indicate the error.

       EPERM          The caller is not the super-user.


       panic(8S), halt(8), init(8), intro(8), reboot(8)

                                21 January 1990                      REBOOT(2)