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pset_setattr(2)                  System Calls                  pset_setattr(2)

       pset_setattr, pset_getattr - set or get processor set attributes

       #include <&lt;sys/pset.h>&gt;

       int pset_setattr(psetid_t pset, uint_t attr);

       int pset_getattr(psetid_t pset, uint_t *attr);

       The pset_setattr() function sets attributes of the processor set speci-
       fied by pset.  The bitmask of attributes to be set or cleared is speci-
       fied by attr.

       The pset_getattr function returns attributes of the processor set spec-
       ified by pset. On successful return, attr will contain the  bitmask  of
       attributes for the specified processor set.

       The  value  of  the  attr argument is the bitwise inclusive-OR of these
       attributes, defined in <&lt;sys/pset.h>&gt;:

       PSET_NOESCAPE   Unbinding of LWPs from  the  processor  set  with  this
                       attribute  requires the {PRIV_SYS_RES_CONFIG} privilege
                       to be asserted in the  effective  set  of  the  calling

       The  binding  of  LWPs and processes to processor sets is controlled by
       pset_bind(2). When the PSET_NOESCAPE attribute is  cleared,  a  process
       calling  pset_bind()  can  clear  the  processor set binding of any LWP
       whose real or effective user ID matches its own real of effective  user
       ID.  Setting PSET_NOESCAPE attribute forces pset_bind() to requires the
       {PRIV_SYS_RES_CONFIG} privilege to be asserted in the effective set  of
       the calling process.

       Upon  successful completion, these functions return 0. Otherwise, -1 is
       returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       These function will fail if:

       EFAULT          The location pointed to by attr was not writable by the

       EINVAL          An invalid processor set ID was specified.

                       The  caller is in a non-global zone, the pools facility
                       is active, and the processor is not  a  member  of  the
                       zone's pool's processor set.

       ENOTSUP         The  pools  facility  is  active.  See  pooladm(1M) and
                       pool_set_status(3POOL) for information  about  enabling
                       and disabling the pools facility.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()     allbox;     cw(2.750000i)|    cw(2.750000i)    lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).  ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE Interface StabilityStable

       pooladm(1M),   pooladm(1M),   psrset(1M),   zoneadm(1M),  pset_bind(2),
       pool_set_status(3POOL), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.10                        28 Jun 2004                  pset_setattr(2)