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file    att/cs/v7man/man2/access.2 for     determine accessibili-
ty of file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/acct.2 for     turn  accounting  on  or

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/alarm.2  for     schedule  signal after
specified time

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/brk.2 for     change core allocation

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/chdir.2 for     change default directo-

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/chmod.2 for     change mode of file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/chown.2  for     change owner and group
of a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/close.2 for     close a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/creat.2 for     create a new file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/dup.2 for     duplicate  an  open  file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/exec.2

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/exit.2 for     terminate process

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/fork.2 for     spawn new process

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/getpid.2  for     get process identifi-

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/getuid.2  for     get  user  and  group

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/indir.2 for     indirect system call

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/intro.2  for     introduction to system
calls and error numbers

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/ioctl.2 for     control device

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/kill.2 for     send signal to a process

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/link.2 for     link to a file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/lock.2 for     lock a process in prima-
ry memory

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/lseek.2 for     move read/write pointer

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/mknod.2  for     make  a directory or a
special file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/mount.2 for     mount  or  remove  file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/mpx.2   for     create  and  manipulate
multiplexed files

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/mpxcall.2 for     multiplexor and chan-
nel interface

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/nice.2 for     set program priority

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/open.2   for     open  for  reading  or

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/pause.2 for     stop until signal

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/phys.2 for     allow a process  to  ac-
cess physical addresses

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/pipe.2  for     create  an interprocess

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/pkon.2 for     establish packet  proto-

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/profil.2 for     execution time profile

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/ptrace.2 for     process trace

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/read.2 for     read from file

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/setuid.2 for     set user and group ID

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/signal.2  for     catch  or ignore sig-

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/stat.2 for     get file status

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/stime.2 for     set time

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/sync.2 for     update super-block

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/time.2 for     get date and time

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/times.2 for     get process times

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/umask.2 for     set file creation  mode

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/unlink.2 for     remove directory entry

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/utime.2 for     set file times

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/wait.2 for     wait for process to ter-

file    att/cs/v7man/man2/write.2 for     write on a file