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getrusage(2)							 getrusage(2)


  getrusage, vtimes - Gets information about resource utilization


  Berkeley  Compatibility  Library  (libbsd.a):	 vtimes() only


  #include <&lt;sys/resource.h>&gt;

  int getrusage(
	  int who,
	  struct rusage	*r_usage);

  [Tru64 UNIX]	The following function declaration does	not conform to
  current standards and	is supported only for backward compatibility:

  #include <&lt;sys/vtimes.h>&gt;

	  struct vtimes	*par_vm,
	  struct vtimes	ch_vm);

  [Tru64 UNIX]	Application developers using the getrusage() function may
  want to specify an #include statement	for <&lt;sys/time.h>&gt; before	the one	for
  <&lt;sys/resource.h>&gt; if programs are being developed for multiple	platforms.
  The additional #include statement is not required on Tru64 UNIX systems or
  by ISO or X/Open standards, but may be required on other vendors' systems
  that conform to these	standards.


  Interfaces documented	on this	reference page conform to industry standards
  as follows:

  getrusage():	XSH5.0

  Refer	to the standards(5) reference page for more information	about indus-
  try standards	and associated tags.


  who	    Specifies one of the following:

		      Retrieve information about resources used	by the
		      current process.

		      Retrieve information about resources used	by terminated
		      and waited for child processes of	the current process.

  r_usage   Points to a	buffer that will be filled in as described in the


  The getrusage() function returns information describing the resources	used
  by the current process or its	terminated or waited for child processes.

  If the child process is never	waited for, for	example	if the parent has set
  SA_NOCLDWAIT	or has SET SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN, the resource information	for
  that child process is	discarded.


  The numbers the ru_inblock and ru_outblock fields of the rusage structure
  account only for real	I/O; data supplied by the caching mechanism is
  charged only to the first process to read or write the data.

  [Tru64 UNIX]	The vtimes() function returns accounting information for the
  current process and for the terminated child processes of the	current	pro-
  cess.	 Either	par_vm or ch_vm	or both	may be zero, in	which case only	the
  information for the pointers which are nonzero are returned.	After the
  call,	each buffer contains information as defined by the contents of the
  sys/vtimes.h include file.


  Upon successful completion, the getrusage(), function	returns	0 (zero).
  Otherwise, the function returns -1 and sets errno to indicate	the error.


  The getrusage() function sets	errno to the specified values for the follow-
  ing conditions:

  [EINVAL]  The	who parameter is not a valid value.

  [EFAULT]  [Tru64 UNIX]  The address specified	for r_usage is not valid.


  Functions: wait(2)

  Routines: gettimer(3), time(3), times(3)

  Standards: standards(5)