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 vxvmboot(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			vxvmboot(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      vxvmboot - prepare VERITAS Volume Manager volume as a root, boot,
      primary swap or dump volume

      /sbin/vxvmboot [-b|-d|-r|-s] [-v] -o offset -l length rawpath

      /sbin/vxvmboot -v rawpath

      /sbin/vxvmboot -c

      The vxvmboot command updates information in the LABEL file for the lif
      disk specified by the pathname of its character (raw) device node,
      rawpath.	The volume at the specified offset and length becomes the
      boot, root, primary swap or dump volume when the system is next

      This command is normally invoked by the vxbootsetup utility.

      -b	Specifies the volume type as a boot volume with name

      -c	Is used to update the /stand/rootconf file with the offset
		and length of the rootvol. The usage is slightly different
		when the -c argument is used. The rawpath argument is not
		used with this invocation. Instead the path of the boot
		device is extracted from the /stand/bootconf file.  Also,
		the -o and -l arguments are not used to specify the offset
		and length.  Instead, the offset and length of the rootvol
		are obtained from the LIF LABEL file on the boot device.

		The -c option would normally be used in the /sbin/ioinitrc
		script to update the /stand/rootconf file, when the boot
		disk is VxVM rootable.

      -d	Specifies the volume type as a dump volume with name

		If a dumpvol volume exists on the specified disk, the extent
		information from this volume is used. If no such volume
		exists, the extent information of the swap volume is used
		instead, and swapvol performs the dual role of swap device
		and dump device.

      -l length Specifies the length of the volume in units of 1024-byte

      -o offset Specifies the start of the volume as the number of 1024-byte
		blocks from the beginning of the disk.

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 vxvmboot(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			vxvmboot(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      -r	Specifies the volume type as a root volume with name

      -s	Specifies the volume type as a swap volume with name

      -v	When used with one of the options -b, -d, -r or -s, displays
		the contents of the updated LABEL file.	 Otherwise, this
		option may be used to display the contents of the LABEL file
		on the specified lif disk.

	   Note: The -b, -c, -d, -r and -s options are mutually exclusive.
	   If more than one of these options is specified, the vxvmboot
	   command exits without performing any operation.

      rawpath	Specifies the pathname of the character (raw) device node
		for the lif disk.

      lif(4), mkboot(1M), vxbootsetup(1M)

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