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 vxpfto(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			  vxpfto(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      vxpfto - set Powerfail Timeout (pfto)

      vxpfto -g diskgroup -t timeout

      vxpfto [-g diskgroup] -t timeout	volume_list

      Powerfail Timeout is an attribute of a SCSI disk connected to an HP-UX
      host (see the pfto(7) man page).	The vxpfto command sets the
      Powerfail Timeout interval on a set of Volume Manager disks, either
      all disks in a disk group, or all disks underlying the volumes listed.

      The first form of the command sets the same PFTO value for all the
      disks in the specified VxVM diskgroup.

      In the second form, all disks underlying the given list of volumes are
      selected, optionally restricted by the disk group specified with the
      -g option.  If you specify a diskgroup, any volume in the list not
      belonging to the diskgroup is ignored.

      If you invoke vxpfto without arguments, it displays a usage message.

      -g diskgroup
		Specifies the disk group for the operation, either by disk
		group ID or by disk group name.

      -t timeout
		Specifies the PFTO value in seconds.  This option is
		required.  The value must be zero or a positive integer.
		Zero represents the system default PFTO value.	The default
		value depends on the disk driver controlling the disk

		A list of VxVM volume names. List items must be separated by

      vxpfto returns a zero if successful.  If it encounters an error,
      vxpfto exits and displays a message on standard error. Defined exit
      codes are:

      0	   Success.

      1	   No PFTO value specified.

      2	   No diskgroup or volume list specified.

				    - 1 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006

 vxpfto(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			  vxpfto(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      3	   Illegal PFTO value specified.

      Set the PFTO value on all disks in disk group testdg to 100 seconds:

	   vxpfto -t 100 -g testdg

      Set the PFTO value to 50 seconds on all disks underlying volume01 and
      volume02 in disk group testdg:

	   vxpfto -t 50 -g testdg volume01 volume02

      Set the PFTO value to 300 seconds on all disks underlying volume01 and
      volume02, even though they are not in the same disk group:

	   vxpfto -t 300 volume01 volume02

      vxdisk(1M), pfto(7)

				    - 2 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006